Finding the perfect present on a budget

present on a budgetLet’s face it! Everyone’s getting poorer by the second. It may not come across in the salary you get despite the humongous percentage taxes take away from our gross profit but it’s happening. Merchandises are becoming more expensive as well as the fares and expenses that help us get to our favorite stores. But despite this apparent change, the gift giving tradition does not go away. If anything, it’s more expected because more people ask for gifts now so as not to have to buy for themselves. So how do we lessen the burden of this Filipino tradition? We SALE shop!   The cheaper the better. It’s not just applicable on the stuff we buy for ourselves. It’s also very much recommended on the stuff we give out. Who are we kidding when we buy expensive items for the birthday celebrants in the parties/events we go to? It’s not like we’re making them feel unimportant by efforting to find something a little less expensive than what we’d normally buy for them. And besides, were we not invited for our presence and not the gifts? Okay, maybe not but it sounds a lot better when you try to see it that way. A great way to enjoy your stay at a party and make the celebrant happy is by compromising.

Here are some great online shopping site for your loved ones that won’t rip your wallet into two.
1. – It’s the Philippines’ very own Ebay and Amazon both rolled into one. It has more than 10 categories each specializing in specific uses. Whether you’re up for fashion or in desperate need of a side lamp, Lazada has it for you offered in different brands and styles. With their regular sales, you won’t have a hard time finding an item that fits the bill just right. It’s easier to shop here when you’re looking for a good number of items and is to busy to jump from one site to another. Lazada is a carrier of various brands so it’s literally just like shopping in a mall only this time it’s online.

2. – Now, be careful. You woudn’t want to buy something that has been used already. Make sure you have a keen eye for the good stuff because normally they have brand new items that owners have not used in the past. But is generally a website for items sellers want to dispose that are still in good condition.

3. Dealgrocer, Cashcashpinoy, Metrodeal – These websites are known for their discounted services in a form of a coupon. Indulge in therapeutic spas, vacations and many more for half the price with the help of these local websites. They get sponsors that are willing to slash off huge percentages on their regular rates just to give people like us a chance to experience what they can offer.

4. Facebook – Believe it or not, Facebook has a growing community of online sellers. They have a decent number of websites that actually can compete with other self-paid domain sites in the country. Most of which put up sales to attract customers or in this case, (Facebook) friends.


Lazada gives birth to high quality online selling in the Philippines

high quality onlineEvery now and then, Filipino buyers choose to buy online to save them not just time but money as well. Online shopping reduces the burden to have to accomplish certain responsibilities while  having to finish something far more important. It has become evident in the past how the internet has greatly influenced the way people choose to live their lives. In a way, the internet made it a lot more tolerabe for some to maximize their time the best way they can. The internet gave birth to the e-commerce industry, the reason behind the success of several online shopping sites administered by online users all over the world.

One of the well respected websites (online shopping mall) in the Philippines since early last year is Lazada. It comprises of more than 20,000 products available in different brands, sizes, color and other special features. All these items are viewable in a click of a button or if you’re fond of using your Smartphone, a tap of a finger. For years, online shopping has tried to climb its way to the top but has constantly failed because of the apparent fan base of shopping malls. Shopping malls not only offer a place to shop but also encourage social activities that humans are innately obsessed with. But just like any type of population, the labor force undeniably still make up a big percentage of shoppers. With that being said, not everyone can live like a teenager free from serious work load and can go to the mall any time they please. Not all employed online users have the benefit of driving to the nearest store to replae their broken stereo the minute they feel like it. Unless of course you are self-employed which is hardly the case for the majority. Online shopping entertains the needs of online users who are always loaded with work assignments during the time most covenient for them.

Lazada is perfect for people above their 20’s because this website carries a variety of items in hope of offering products of all kinds. Whether you’re looking for a new set of earphones or shopping last minute for your favorite niece’s birthday gift, this online store gives you an impressive selection of merchandises to choose from. Along with their good array of products are services that are uniquely theirs. They have good delivery services ranging to a maximum of seven (7) days for shipment to complete. Customers that purchase items amounting to P1,000 and above are provided free delivery. Normal charges reach up to P100 at the most. Deliveries are available anywhere in the country and are made possible with the help of the top 2 most trusted shipping companies namely, LBC and 2G0. They accept credit card payments some even with installments depending on the promo available for the said date. Cash on delivery, one of the most sought out payment services today is also encouraged. Any items that are proven to be in bad condition due to manufacturing or delivery can be returned in exchange of a full refund.

Lazada picks up on local e-commerce’s potential

ecommerce's potentialThe Philippines is not just an island filled with natural treasures (at least it used to). It’s also the perfect venue for starting companies to invest in given how delayed everything is. The local market is very well on its way to becoming parallel with its neighboring countries. This makes it the most practical time to enter in various business ventures. The more unconventional it is, the more likely it will attract a diverse audience. Take e-commerce as an example. It’s a type of business that has such a broad coverage but each one was able to establish an industry of its own. Selling online is classified as a form of Eletronice Commerce or E-commerce for short because of the process of buying and selling with the use of electronic devices. Clearly there’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow with this venture because of the endless number of people in various markets it can reach out to.

Lazada saw the potential in this growing industry long before it made the impact it currently holds in then Philippines. In year 1999, Rocket Internet, creator and genius mind behind Lazada, tested the waters with Zalando, its number 1 profit-making online venture. Luckily, it was picked up and the reaction was so profound that it eventually resulted to more than a hundred ventures in all continents besides Antarctica. Its current tagline “the Philippines’ Online Shopping Mall’ describes just how wide the variety of items they have on hold waiting to be ordered by Filipinos worldwide. It has 13 categories, each having a specific purpose. These categories help tell apart items from one another that make it easier for customers to find what they are looking for. Understanding the target market’s needs and interests didn’t come easy. Remember, this is owned by an international online venture building company. The Philippine market was being observed under a microscope that helped identify what was lacking in the websites that were launched prior to Lazada existing. It goes without saying that it was a goal that needed crucial planning and studying which the company did not shy away from. Filipinos were finally going to get the chance to experience top of the line online sites with no catch.

The industry of online selling was adapted by Filipino online sellers through foreign websites which set the standards pretty high for the following batches of online shops that sprouted. But Lazada, being a foreign website itself, chose to looked inward instead of the other way around. It researched the items that the Filipino market are interested in. It made its website fit Filipinos. It became more accessible for a lot of online shoppers because for the longest time, they were forced to comply to unfamiliar methods. Starting off with the currency accepted by the site. Filipino peso has finally been recognized and used to acquire goods online. From thousands of products to exquisite customer service, it was able to point out the flaws of other websites and incorporate only the good to their marsterpiece.

Lazada Philippines: An economic makeover of a lifetime

economic makeoverThe Philippines is on its way to completing a makeover that has been long overdue. Its giving its neighboring countries a run for their money with its new set of online skill sets improving profoundly. A new wave of business entrepreneurs are introducing a new set of marketing strategies to deliver their goods — online marketing has made its way to the small islands of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. It was truly a remarkable change in the online scene when Lazada Philippines came into the picture as it opened more doors not just for buyers but to suppliers as well. It served as an agent for both producers and consumers to reach out to its fullest potential nationwide and led to a success no one ever saw coming. With its long list of products available for sale, buyers are provided with quality goods at the most comfortable way possible. And for suppliers, this online store catapulted some local products to nationwide exposure.

The concept of Lazada when it was launched early last year was new to the local market but not unheard of. Its Rocket Internet’s personal take on international websites such as Amazon, Ebay and Multiply all rolled into one giant online empire. Its goal is to compile the most sought out goods in the market and incorporate it into a single website specifically made to the likings of the Filipino online market. In short, it is an online store that carries products of all types sold in Philippine Peso. If you’re a fan of online shopping but you’re sick of ordering from international sites that would require expensive shipment fees and sometimes hidden charges in immigration, its advisable to not look very far because you might just be astounded by what you discover can be offered locally. With our very own Lazada in the works, the potential of both online selling and shopping is limitless. And our very own because this well-conceptualized online store also has branches in other parts of Southeast Asia like Singapore and Indonesia.

Don’t be a fool of your own local treasures. This online store may not have grown completely from Filipino roots as it is owned by online venture moguls, the Samwer brothers. But it has certainly made its way to where it is now because of the profit and support that Filipinos brought in the equation. As dull and completely unimpressive as it may sound on paper, the expectations that this one-of-a-kind online shopping website threw overboard all its competitions and wiped them clean of not just customers but income as well. That is a huge achievement for an international site made local that has not been fully exposed to the culture of Filipino shopping. Furthermore, it was able to withstand all weather despite other local online stores having more experienced and well-equipped employees.

This amazing venture that is still soaring on the Philippine sea is one to look out for. Who knows just how much better online shopping can turn to ten to twenty years from now?

Lazada: Living like Carrie Bradshaw for a lower price

lower price

Living like Carrie Bradshaw can be hard to keep up especially when you don’t have the capacity to live up to the lifestyle you so badly want. But that doesn’t mean you have to be less than fabulous. You can always steal styles for a bargain and arrange your room the way you want it without spending too much. It’s all about knowing how to properly manage your money and time without sacrificing the quality of what you need.


Go to bargain stores or if you can’t find any, try to find stores like Lazada that offer regular sales. You’ll be surprised just how much you can save with patient shopping. Yes, patient is the keyword. No matter how good a sale looks like, there’s always a huge chance that you’ll find a better option. Just keep looking. I like Lazada especially because for the past seven (7) months I have been buying from them, there was never a time a time I didn’t see a badass promo come to life. If it wasn’t a raffle draw or a chance to win my favorite gadget for 90% off, it was a promo that allowed me to pay in monthly installments with no discount whatsoever. Pretty awesome considering I rarely go online. The deliveries of the majority that I purchased were normally sent to me for free. It’s one of Lazada’s promos that give out free charge delivery for every minimum purchase of P1,000. I also got a lot of vouchers just for signing up on their newsletter thing and downloading their app. You would think it would be a lot easier if I went in the actual sales but truth be told the real gold are online. At least that’s what I have noticed and experienced for myself. Lazada normally holds sales weekly and monthly. Best ones are during holidays when they have massive sales where almost all the items are put on sale. IT’S REALLY A LOT BETTER THAN CHRISTMAS. I can’t even adjsdbflsbjfl anyway I also got the perks of warranties. There was this one instance that I bought extensions and I got P300 voucher for no reason at all.


Online shops are a gift from the online Gods. I know it’s not as popular yet as it should be. Before, I would go online and just check my Twitter or whatever floats my boat but now that a lot of things are in style and I don’t have the time to keep up, online shopping has been my safe way to getting what I want without sacrificing my productivity. It was just a big add on that the online shops carry a lot of sales which make it a lot more fun. That’s when I realized that getting what I want didn’t have to cost so much. We all have secrets. Some are just too dark we can’t tell anyone. Shopping for discounted items isn’t a crime. And it shouldn’t be something people would hide given how practical and a lot more logical it can be.


My personal favorite: LAZADA PHILIPPINES

personal favoriteGoing shopping is like riding a roller coaster. You never know how the bottom will feel until you reach it. And the adrenaline kicks in, the good kind, just before you go downhill. You feel excited about the big loop but at the same time scared because you might not be able to survive it the whole way. Now what does this have to do with shopping? A lot of things. For starters, pit is the moment you realize you don’t have the money to buy what you want. Basically, reality hits you right in the face screaming out “YOU CAN’T AFFORD SH*T!”. And you, being the clueless and stubborn shopper that you are, disregards this alarming message and goes ahead with swiping your parent’s credit card. The start of the loop is when you see the big flat screen television at the window store and you start feeling excited. At that moment, you know what you want but then you get scared because it might just not be within your budget. You wonder if you can really bring it home and pull it off. The big pay, I mean.

Well, that’s what happens when you have no security blanket to hold on to. You have no assurance you can afford what they offer let alone find something cheap that you can take home with you. These are the mighty fine days it’s better to have a place or an online store to rely on. Your darkest days will be abolished. Your thrift shop favorites with second hand everything will be gone. I recommend you visit my personal favorite, Lazada Philippines. It’s your very own mall online. It has all things you can imagine from furniture to clothes. If you’re looking for a website that has very good range of products, this is the site to check out. And I’m not talking crap. I’m saying this because I have personally made purchases from this site so cheap that I was able to save more than 30% of the original prices of my overall purchases. It’s pretty dope for a website only a little over a year old. Their products are affordable and at the same time very good in quality.

If ever you realize the item you ordered was a scam and did not live up to what you expected based on the description, you can get it shipped back to Lazada’s warehouse and get a full refund in return. You have a week to give your final diagnosis just as long as the condition of the product from when it was delivered remains intact. In terms of payment, you don’t have to worry about the big pit fall because you’ll be assured of a giant trampoline at the end of each hit. You have either cash payment or credit terms to choose from. Each of which having its distinct advantages. Payments made in cash means you can temporarily hold your payments and pay only at the time of the delivery. The credit payment are more entitled to bigger discounts. All items are offered at very cheap prices and with the options you’re given, it’s highly unlikely you don’t find something low costing for yourself.

E-commerce: A piece of a Business Puzzle

Business Puzzle

If you’re feeling a little bit betrayed about how society chooses to promote sales nowadays, then it’s time to get over this phase. Because these unconventional methods of selling are not going anywhere. It can only go bigger at the rate it’s currently going. Methods like online selling or house to house visits are innovations that have tremendusly helped a lot of companies heighten their monthly revenues. Diverting to other means of selling especially when necessarry should be commended and not criticized. A lot of companies make it a point to try out every possible trick in the book that can help result to profit. An objective that every leading company lives by that has helped push them ahead of its competitors.

Lazada gains its audience from the population of online buyers worldwide. Without the internet, it would have a hard time reaching out to the market it now proudly refers to as its buyers. And who are we to say that other methods of selling that stray away from what is perceived as traditional are wrong when it aims to do the same as what is common. Avon taps to a variety of women because of its employees that are as hard working as those seen in stores. Yes, it is different but it is not demoralizing which makes it just as much part of the system of business as others.

E-commerce is one of the latest installments in the long list of unconventional methods of selling. This industry in complete collaboration with the internet proposes just how beneficial the World Wide Web can be when used properly. Lazada is owned by a foreign company but has a branch designated in the Philippines. Because of the advantages brought upon by the internet, it was able to successfull launch its website and make itself known nationwide without the need to actual travel from one place to another. This not only made its publicity faster in spreading but also cheaper in costs. Lazada can be seen in advertisements in random websites and for a moment even became one of the most talked about brands in the Philippines via Facebook. The website seems harmless at first but don’t be fooled by its familiar setup because this website can do some damage. It’s collection covers the basic shopping needs of buyers and can make a serious dent on your bank account if not conscious about how much you’re spending. Because majority of the items are so cheap due to various discounts and promos, some customers get overly excited and forget the need to save up. Lazada’s purpose is to sell items that can be normally purchased in malls through the internet for a much cheaper price. And that is exactly what it is doing and more. Though the Philippine online market is not as familiar with online shopping as they are compared to mall shopping, this did not stay as an obstacle for so long. Filipinos have a natural talent for dissecting the newest social media sites as well as figuring out shpping websites. An apparent reaction based on the massive increase in local online sales.