A waste of a good Lazada promo

waste of a good lazada promoNothing comes for free anymore. Unless you’re in a five star hotel but even the so-called freebies there have been paid for by your hotel room fees.  Not even the free bites or coffee you get from promotional tours are considered free because none of those served in pint sizes really make a dent in your stomach. You would still have to buy something after eating or drinking a dozen of it. The manner of how you choose to pay for your order determines whether or not the said purchase will leave you bankrupt for the day or its a load you can carry over for another few months also known as installments.

I sadly had to learn it the hard way when I ordered from Lazada Online Mall because I was unaware of the terms and conditions. I’m taking up a certificate course in Photography. I just started with my field work classes which obviously requires camera stands to make shots more stable. I ordered a Manfrotto Compact Photo Kit and intended to pay it installments. When I submitted my order, I realized after that I chose cash on delivery which meant I had to pay in full upon the delivery. Though I had the money to pay in full, I wanted to pay in installments so I would have less expenses for the month. I just paid for my Canon Powershot G1X in full so it was important for me to save up for the rest of the remaining days of the month. I ordered from Lazada specifically to avail their 3 months installment with 0% interest. I was in such a rush to buy one because I was afraid for the stand to be out of stock. The said promo was announced in class so it wasn’t unlikely for it to be sold out in a few hours from the moment it was mentioned. It was out of pure impulse that I ended up doing the very thing I was trying to avoid. The only good thing I saw out of this mistake was I had a few days to settle the rest of my accounts so that by the time my item is delivered, I wouldn’t think twice of availing it. Oh and plus the delivery was for free. That part was probably my favorite. It wasn’t like it was so hard for me to remember to click on the credit card option since a big ass BDO add was advertised on the right side of the homepage saying they were now offering installments.

It was definitely a lesson learned for me because the following week (since we only meet thrice a week), my classmates couldn’t stop talking about how they ordered theirs in installment. Some even bought lenses along with the stand because they wanted badly to take advantage of the promo. Online stores don’t normally make it so easy on the customer’s part. Normally, there would always be a catch but for some reason, this one was risk-free. It’s amazing how many great discounts and promos you can spot online. When I was browsing through the items in Lazada, I couldn’t help but notice the number of items with discounts.


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