Filipinos experience international pride in Lazada

International pride

Going back and forth in the mall just to see if your favorite pair of jeans are still on the rack is plain stupid. If you want the pants, get the freaking pair. If you can’t then maybe you should see the fact that you have no money as a sign that you shouldn’t even bother anymore. It’s hard enough that manila traffic is brutal but to have endure all that struggle just to get to the mall in time before God knows what runs out of stock is enough to label you as a Shopaholic. But one can go too far. If you’re part of the working population, you have to reassess whether or not you’re ready to let go of your teenage years where you can drool over something and get away with it. Because now, every second you spend obsessing over some laptop or shoes is a second you take away from being at your best at work.

The solution isn’t as impossible as you think. A lot of shops are turning to online marketing or selling to reach out to the professional population, you included. LazadaPH, a very well-respected online store known for its enormous collections and great branding is considered one of the most convenient go-to websites in the Philippines today. Because its ranges are directed to the majority of the online buying market, it was able to create an army all their own that preserved the said company to its true glory. Forget having to commute or drive to the mall to know what the latest is. If you have this natural desire of knowing the best and the worst whether it be appliances or books, then Lazada can be your lifestyle guide. Allow them to help you explore the latest in everything lifestyle with just a click of a finger or in Samsung lingo, a hover.

Lazada came about from the masterpiece, Zalando, an online store more popular in Germany. This is where the creator of both, Rocket Internet, came to life and realized that it had the power to do unlimited improvement. Rocket Internet’s innovation sets it apart from other online venture building company because it is able to explore or possible profit-making venture online without missing a mark. Filipinos who work at this prestigious company should feel honored to have been given the opportunity to work with world class web directors recognized worldwide for their undeniable skills. A threat to other online stores, but a gem and a gift to the local market. Stop trying to buy in stores that sell in dollar currencies. We all now have a website that offer items of different kinds sold in Filipino peso. The days where you wondered how badly the dollar-peso exchange rate was doing are gone because now you can pay for any of the items sold in the website in the very currency you get on payday. It’s a lot more practical to not have to convert something you see online into peso everytime you feel like getting it for yourself.


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