Lazada leads customer to better online services

better online serviceEven online stores can now be held accountable for misleading customers. If before, online sellers could just easily get away and disappear from liabilities caused by their inability to provide good service, now online shoppers are given more security and protection. Online shops like Lazada has made it their absolute goal to assure its customers of its quality service and products. Starting from the selections of products available to the types of services it has made exclusively its own. Its features directly address former concerns of online buyers making it a version above the rest of its prime. This online shopping website was created by Rocket Internet. It has been franchised in other parts of Southeast Asia like Vietnam and Malaysia. It is greatly known for having multiple brands all available for purchase over the internet. One of the many reasons it became popular among Filipinos is because of its free delivery attached to purchases amounting to above P1,000. 00. Any single item purchases worth a thousand or over can be delivered anywhere in the Philippines with no charge. This international website never fails to astound me with its impressive list of promos and products. It is able to make millions in profit in the Philippines alone by creating a virtual world all Filipinos can feel a part of. Covering categories like Books for all the bookworms out there, movies and music soundtracks for sound hoarders, cellular phones for all techies, clothes for the fashionistas and many more. The market it is able to accommodate is so wide that comes as no surprise that in only a span of a year, it has garnered an audience of millions. While other local sites struggle to get a ‘hit’ or an online visit everyday, Lazada tries to figure out how to manage all the traffic without compensating good service from one customer to another. Features like cash and credit based payments, status updates, monthly discounts, exclusive newsletters are some of the many things that sum up how excellent the kind of service they bring to the local market table.


Online shopping sites have become evidently popular not just because of how convenient and accessible they can be but because of how the offers online are a lot cheaper compared to those sold normally in malls. A few months ago, Lazada held a promo that entitled one lucky customer to 90% off on featured items. These featured items range from the latest phones to the most up to date cameras. It may not be apparent now how online shopping is changing the game of purchasing but in a few years, all brands are bound to venture to this risk-free program. If you thought being able to establish stalls in all leading malls made your sales increase, wait until the whole world gets a view of what you can offer. Because it’s accessible with the use of the internet, more people all over the world can check out your products. Why hinder or limit yourself to a nationwide success when you can take over markets internationally?


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