Lazada wins over Filipin crowd in a year

win-winThe birth of countless online shopping websites are spreading like wildfire. It’s hard to really stand out from the rest especially if it’s just starting out and has no background nor connections to catch the attention of potential clients and customers. But this seemed to be last of the worries of Lazada when it embarked on a mission to benchmark online shopping in the Philippines.

Lazada is an international website that has branched out to different countries like Indonesia and Singapore. Though most of its franchises are within the Southeast Asia area, its brother and sister companies are scattered all around the globe all made specifically to provide one of a kind service. It sells various products targetting the larger scope of the Philippine online market. It was launched last year and has since then made remarkable changes in the increase of online shopping popularity. It has come out in publications like Adobo Magazine and local papers like The Philippine Daily Inquirer. Its jingle and commercials have been played in popular radio stations and top broadcasting channels like ABS-CBN and GMA-7. It serves as a safe place for shopaholics out there becuase though one may drown in excitement at first glance, the sales and discounts that come along with the products make each purchase a home run. Hiring the top designers and programmers in the e-commerce industry, this online website accomplished success that took years for others to accomplish. What makes it even more inspiring is the story of how it came about. It settled one of its roots in the city of Makati vulnerable to possible failure but still gained a lot in both revenue and press in so little time. For a website that is owned by a German company, this online shopping site dubbed as the Philippines’ Online Shopping Mall is an example of how sometimes risks generate more bragging rights at the end.

There are close to a billion online shops on the internet today both amateur and professional. But only a few are able to make its name so popular that almost everyone has visited the site once since it was published. If you think being popular in high school is hard, try doing it in an international level against billions of people like Oprah Winfrey and Tiger Woods. It seems unrealistic enough to be on the same pedestal as them and all the more impossible to get ahead. But never say never because with just the right of packaging, any street beggar can become the next big star.

Lazada gives hope to the underdogs that tenure isn’t the only way to gain the trust of consumers. The entre package has to be interesting and unique to make online users who regularly check out websites choose your site from a long list of seemingly better options. As the internet gets bigger and its storage becomes bigger in space or unlimited, more people will find the beauty in the concept of e-commerce.



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