Lazada makes shopping an everyday treat. A catalogue fit for all Filipinos

shopping listWhat do you know about E-commerce? Electronic Commerce is a very broad industry of selling and buying or any form of transaction made with the use of the internet or an intricate system. ATM Machines and Online selling both falls under this category. Not a day goes by that at least a billion people worldwide don’t encounter this type of business. It’s a given that our era today is so consumed in electronics that some people, not just children, have forgotten tradition and has turned to online hobbies instead of playing ‘piko’ or ‘luksong baka’. Though that phase of the lives of Filipinos is slowly deteriorating, we also cannot deny that a lot of things have been made possible thanks to the power that the internet generates. Something that is most known for generating is profit. A profit making company seizes every moment to avoid regretting time slip away. A saying that Lazada PH greatly identifies with. If not for this outstanding belief, a lot of companies would have made distinctly life-changing moments go to waste and in return, erase a colorful history we now proudly take a hold of.

Lazada turned one year a few months ago, but just last year, they were just like any other online stores in the e-commerce indusrty. They were struggling to elevate their status and become one of the most sought out online stores in the Philippines. Lazada isn’t a stranger to the business since it has franchised in other Southeast Asian countries as well like Singapore and Malaysia to name a few. Their venture in the Philippines is just another stepping stone into letting their pioneering company, Rocket Internet, as one of the best online venture building companies in the world. Rocket Internet has formed various online stores spread out around the globe each with a common goal. To make online shopping one of the top profit making businesses in the world.

This online website was engineered to fit the interests of Filipinos all over the world as this store can be used not just by locals within the Philippines but abroad as well. They constructed their website in a way that they can cater to all types of online buyers. They have books, music, toys, clothes, beauty products, laptops, gadgets, appliances and many more all synced into one perfectly developed website. All items are sold in our local currency making it easier for us to know just how much of our savings are being used up. A lot of the items are usually put on sale of given discounts making it a very ideal online store to buy from. They launch promos regularly to promote their products that they sometimes put together under one theme. Right now, they have a Father’s Day catalogue that allows family members to browse through choices arranged according to the type of dad they live with. Whether you have a dad obsessed with sports or just a home buddy trying to keep himself entertained at home, this online store has got the perfect set of gifts you can get delivered straight to your homes.


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