Lazada Online Shop: Are a real heiress or are you faking your way in?

real heiress

Wise shoppers no better than to have just one credit card on hand before shopping. If you are just as fond as shopping as heiresses like Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, then you should know by now that it’s like being alive and dead to not have a back up method for how you are to pay for your purchases. But if you want a smart way of spending your money without spending over your limit or your bank account, I have some tips that might just help you make yourself a dollar richer each day.

FIRST TIP: Always have CASH with you It doesn’t matter if you have credit card. Real life isn’t like the movies. Not every place you go to will accept golden tickets or gold membership cards as payment. If you really want to know if you can afford something, think ahead. Have money in cash with you all the time. The exact amount you’re willing to spend that day. After all, if you’re as rich as your project yourself to be, that shouldn’t be a problem. And besides, you would have a bodyguard to make sure you don’t get robbed on the way to the most expensive store in Rockwell. If you don’t have the cash or you can’t come up with the money that very day, then you’re probably spending over your means. OWING someone or worse a bank should not be an option.

SECOND TIP: Carry extra gold As confident as you are, you’ll never know when swiping your favorite card will go bad. Sometimes, credit cards get damaged while inside your thousands worth wallet from some designer you only hear about in 90210. If you can cross out tip number one, you have to make sure that you do step number two just right. Always have an alternative card (Under your saving account, hopefully). You wouldn’t want to be humiliated in front of your favorite international store and not be capable of paying last minute. Unless of course you’re ordering online in which case, the humiliation part doesn’t apply as much.

THIRD TIP: Do your research Or make your secretary do it for you. Look up stores that accept the mode of payment you prefer. Don’t go buying in either an offline or online store, ready with your card, only to realize towards the end that they only accept cash. Nasty. Heiresses make use of credit cards because most often than not the worth of their expenses for that day are so big that putting that amount in cash in your wallet would be suicide… for the wallet.

FOURTH TIP: It takes TWO to tango It’s always a better option if you can find stores that accept both cash and credit payments. This way you’ll have an option in favor of you no matter what happens. It’s not bad to go to a strick-cash only basis store but with your kick for all things shopping, I’m sure you’ll find a store that can suit you more. It’s better safe than sorry! Especially if you have a certain social status to uphold.


*** Go to Department Stores or appliance stores generally known for their good payment methods. Stores that offer more items are likely to have better modes of payment to cater to all their customers. SM and Robinson’s are well known for having selections that cover appliances to clothes. For online stores, good virtual versions of department stores are websites like Lazada that offer around the same coverage as department stores in malls. The advantage of ordering online besides not having to get off the couch is you can get your items delivered straight to your house.


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