Why Lazada makes shopping a fun experience

a fun experienceThe universe is filled a million and one things, one of it being the Internet. As most are already aware of, the internet comprises of all things informational. Not just because it possessess all information necessary to get by everyday but also because it contains the most convenient ways to carry on with our lives. And the most outstanding feature of it yet is online shopping. A form of e-commerce that enables customers to purchase the products they want over the internet using whether their house computer or cellular phone.

LazadaPH is the latest installment to Rocket Internet’s line of successful franchises. It is an online shopping website that offers a variety of products all viewable in one sitting.  It holds items for popular brands like Apple, Samsung, Blackberry, Converse etc. Their selections are not limited to basic gadgets or shoes. They have furnitures, beauty products, baby toys, books, movies and many more kinds of items undeniable breathtaking at first glance. With so many malls now being put up, one can not help but wonder how online shopping websites maintain the kind of credibility and profit they make. But it all ultimately boils down to service and good offers. No matter how good a stall looks like in a mall, if a customer cannot afford its price range, then the store generally failed in making their brand profitable.

Online shopping websites are no different from malls. While malls have rivals that reach up to thousands scattered all over the Philippines, online stores compete with a million of other self-serving sites accessible in one click from the mighty search bar, Google. And what’s worse is, some of it are internationally owned. Given Filipinos fondness of all things western, local online sellers are forced to compete with an already established form of branding.

Lazada was able to direct Filipino online consumers attention to their site by collecting distinctly unique brands and merchandises and allowing customers to search from their long impressive list of items for sale. This way, they were able to put into one website generally everything that Filipinos look for when searching for online shops. Lazada created a name for itself by going over the tranditional norm of online service and creating promos like no other. Their items are not only good in quality but also very affordable in price. A space for online shoppers to practice their purchasing freedom and not be a bit intimidated about not being able to purchase something at the end of the day. Online shopping ultimately promotes privacy and control. When a person chooses to shop online, he is given the opportunity to browse as long as he pleases and not worry about sales ladies watching his every move. Online shopping gives customers a chance to explore their option and take control of the time they spend on doing so. Mall shopping restricts you from looking at every product on hand because you’re either embarrassed to take so long or hesitant to spend so much. Either way, you are not able to practice your freedom to choose. A right you should be given the chance to exsercise fully.


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