Lazada’s success to greatness

success to greatness

The progress in the Philippine economy has undoubtedly increased through the years. It didn’t come easy though. Filipinos had to fight their way back to the top to prove themselves worthy of once again being called a progressive economy. Some mistaken our economy as something still in downward spiral. When in fact, we are slowly but surely gaining back our reputation as one the top economic countries in Asia. Not convinced? Just imagine how regularly you see ads promoting e-commerce websites not just online but offline as well. The amount of both effort and money put to it gave way to creating an industry so powerful that it helped online selling remarkable.

One way Filipinos are doing this is through continuous improvement in the online industry. Because of the massive impact the internet has in the buying market, it has become mandatory for brands who wish to grow in a worldwide scale to build an online store. These stores help represent the capacity of companies to deliver with the use of accessible published information. Lazada is a good example of a site that fluorished into an empire  thanks to the internet. Lazada, an online shopping mall, was created to form a website that contains a wide range of products perfect for different kinds of e-commerce customers. It became as big as it is now with the help of solely the internet. They were able to tap a large market with the use of online marketing and with this alone, it defied all the odds.

This online shopping website is known for having the latest updates on gadgets whether it is cellular phones, computers, mp3’s, etc. They are most commonly known for their free delivery service for every single receipt purchases worth a minimum of P1000. Only a few websites (If I’m not mistaken just 2, Zalora being the other one) carry this kind of service applicable to any locations as long as within the Philippines. They also have impressive payment methods paving way to both general types of buyers. They have cash on delivery for cash based payment methods and they accept credit card either under Visa or Mastercard for customers who would rather put their orders on their tab. All orders are given tracking codes that serve as updates for customers. The status of the orders change constantly on the site depending on the actual progress of the packages. This comes very handy when a customer is reluctant because of the duration the delivery takes place.

The e-commerce industry has a profound way of making certain business entities very profitable. It’s not easy to establish an online site especially if the nature of the website is in line with other sites that are already well-respected. Not only would the online website have to make a name for itself but also it has to overshadow a pre-existing mogul site to stand out completely. The opportunities with online stores are endless but it takes a certain kind of ingenuity to make it to the top.


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