Six Degrees of Lazada Philippines

Six degreesFirst Degree – International Scale  LazadaPH is just one of the many ventures Rocket Internet has launched since it first started in Germany in year 2002. Since then, it has succcessfully created franchises of various online sites that all distinctly capture a specific country’s taste depending on the location of their choice. It has created an impressive resume for the company in a span of only a few years over a decade. Because of its exposure to different cultures, its ability to camouflage and adjust to a country’ marketing preference has been exemplary. Its seniority translates to the types of service it offers that only a few online stores invest in.

Second Degree – Online Shopping Mall  What’s better than having your very own mall in the palm of your hand? Literally. Filipinos can now render personal time at home without taking away personal pleasures like shopping. Anyone can now access Lazada and in a click of a button and be put in a world of all things wonderful. There’s no more need to get all dolled up just to be able to buy a new pair of shoes. Now, you can buy whatever you want, big or small, and not feel a bit intimidated by the people around you who are after the exact same thing. No more lining up in cramped up stores just to buy a single item not even worth standing up for.

Third Degree – Impeccable Collection  It has very impressive set of items organized into appropriate categories. Items can be viewed according to brand names, prices and popularity all in a click of a button. Accessing the items you are looking for can be done by typing your preferred description on the Search bar. A mix of both international and local brands sum up the content of this one of a kind online shopping mall.

Fourth Degree – Key Features  Besides the very accessible Search bar, it has an interface that summarizes the best sellers and most searched items on the homepage. Shopping is made even easier with promos with themes normally made during holidays or any special occasion that Filipinos are familiar with. The theme promos list down the items the company personally recommends for the upcoming holiday or season. A good shortcut to prevent consuming time caused by browsing through a long list of unneccesary products. The discounts also come regularly giving customers a chance to invest on key items for a cheaper price.

Fifth Degree – Employment Hike  Because Lazada has its very own branch in the Philippines, it hired specialists to formulate the best possible online shopping site for Filipinos. This produced high number of job offers that greatly helped in the employment rate.

Sixth Degree – Free Shipment Service  Who said buying online is expensive? Online stores offer a lot of discounts not to mention delivery with no charge. Lazada gives customer free delivery services for every purchase worth a thousand or above. Shipments are available anywhere in the Philippines. Girls who are deprived of living near decent malls can stop settling and finally get themselves something they deserve.


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