Breaking down Lazada Philippines (The good way)

the good wayLazada Philippines — the Philippines’ Online Shopping Mall. Don’t forget the country tag. Lazada has other branches spread out in Southeast Asia and forgetting to specify which country site you’re visiting might just lead you to their Indonesian or Malaysian homepage. If there’s anything you want to know about this popular online site, all you have to do is learn the basics.

Lazada – An online store created by powerhouse brothers called the Samwer brothers. They are the owners of a business venture company that specializes on e-commerce sites. Their company called Rocket Internet has office bases in over 50 countries in all 5 major continents. If that doesn’t impress you, this online empire started a little over a decage ago only. This makes them young and successful at the same time. Two company traits that set them apart from their other competitors.

Philippines – It’s not the very first country that pops out of your head when you hear e-commerce. But it had made its fair share of good profit-making online stores that it wasn’t unusual for a company as big as Rocket Internet to want to invest on the online market of the Philippines. In the heart of the growing city of Makati, Lazada stands firm with the rest of its sibling companies, Zalora and Office Pro. Two successful online stores independent from one another. Many companies have tried to venture out to so many genres of money generating stores but not all of these companies can claim the success and revenue these three companies all under Rocket Internet have had in less than a year.

Online – Maximizing its potential, online shopping has created an overwhelming number of followers and investors. If there’s one way of tapping to an audience as big as a country in a day, online selling is the only way to go. It’s cheaper in terms of maintenance because the people behind it are not as burnt out as those working in film or other manufacturing companies.

Shopping – Name one word that interests all: Shopping. It’s not just clothes shopping for the women. There’s also massive spending on gadgets that men go crazy for. It’s a word that can reel in a milion and one people in a snap of a finger. An impressive way of gaining a loyal audience if you ask me.

Mall – With its outrageous number of items available, online shopping has never been so fun. Lazada is a consignment store that covers all the basics of mall shopping. It has over 10 categories that each carry a specific nature of product. A person out to buy a variety of items distinctly different from one another all at once won’t have a dull daying going through this website’s online storage.

If you’re a fan of shopping overload then you’ll have an extremely wonderful time shopping online. There are more choices because you get to explore options that are strictly sold online and at the same time be able to access collections popular in mall stores as well.


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