E-commerce: A piece of a Business Puzzle

Business Puzzle

If you’re feeling a little bit betrayed about how society chooses to promote sales nowadays, then it’s time to get over this phase. Because these unconventional methods of selling are not going anywhere. It can only go bigger at the rate it’s currently going. Methods like online selling or house to house visits are innovations that have tremendusly helped a lot of companies heighten their monthly revenues. Diverting to other means of selling especially when necessarry should be commended and not criticized. A lot of companies make it a point to try out every possible trick in the book that can help result to profit. An objective that every leading company lives by that has helped push them ahead of its competitors.

Lazada gains its audience from the population of online buyers worldwide. Without the internet, it would have a hard time reaching out to the market it now proudly refers to as its buyers. And who are we to say that other methods of selling that stray away from what is perceived as traditional are wrong when it aims to do the same as what is common. Avon taps to a variety of women because of its employees that are as hard working as those seen in stores. Yes, it is different but it is not demoralizing which makes it just as much part of the system of business as others.

E-commerce is one of the latest installments in the long list of unconventional methods of selling. This industry in complete collaboration with the internet proposes just how beneficial the World Wide Web can be when used properly. Lazada is owned by a foreign company but has a branch designated in the Philippines. Because of the advantages brought upon by the internet, it was able to successfull launch its website and make itself known nationwide without the need to actual travel from one place to another. This not only made its publicity faster in spreading but also cheaper in costs. Lazada can be seen in advertisements in random websites and for a moment even became one of the most talked about brands in the Philippines via Facebook. The website seems harmless at first but don’t be fooled by its familiar setup because this website can do some damage. It’s collection covers the basic shopping needs of buyers and can make a serious dent on your bank account if not conscious about how much you’re spending. Because majority of the items are so cheap due to various discounts and promos, some customers get overly excited and forget the need to save up. Lazada’s purpose is to sell items that can be normally purchased in malls through the internet for a much cheaper price. And that is exactly what it is doing and more. Though the Philippine online market is not as familiar with online shopping as they are compared to mall shopping, this did not stay as an obstacle for so long. Filipinos have a natural talent for dissecting the newest social media sites as well as figuring out shpping websites. An apparent reaction based on the massive increase in local online sales.


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