My personal favorite: LAZADA PHILIPPINES

personal favoriteGoing shopping is like riding a roller coaster. You never know how the bottom will feel until you reach it. And the adrenaline kicks in, the good kind, just before you go downhill. You feel excited about the big loop but at the same time scared because you might not be able to survive it the whole way. Now what does this have to do with shopping? A lot of things. For starters, pit is the moment you realize you don’t have the money to buy what you want. Basically, reality hits you right in the face screaming out “YOU CAN’T AFFORD SH*T!”. And you, being the clueless and stubborn shopper that you are, disregards this alarming message and goes ahead with swiping your parent’s credit card. The start of the loop is when you see the big flat screen television at the window store and you start feeling excited. At that moment, you know what you want but then you get scared because it might just not be within your budget. You wonder if you can really bring it home and pull it off. The big pay, I mean.

Well, that’s what happens when you have no security blanket to hold on to. You have no assurance you can afford what they offer let alone find something cheap that you can take home with you. These are the mighty fine days it’s better to have a place or an online store to rely on. Your darkest days will be abolished. Your thrift shop favorites with second hand everything will be gone. I recommend you visit my personal favorite, Lazada Philippines. It’s your very own mall online. It has all things you can imagine from furniture to clothes. If you’re looking for a website that has very good range of products, this is the site to check out. And I’m not talking crap. I’m saying this because I have personally made purchases from this site so cheap that I was able to save more than 30% of the original prices of my overall purchases. It’s pretty dope for a website only a little over a year old. Their products are affordable and at the same time very good in quality.

If ever you realize the item you ordered was a scam and did not live up to what you expected based on the description, you can get it shipped back to Lazada’s warehouse and get a full refund in return. You have a week to give your final diagnosis just as long as the condition of the product from when it was delivered remains intact. In terms of payment, you don’t have to worry about the big pit fall because you’ll be assured of a giant trampoline at the end of each hit. You have either cash payment or credit terms to choose from. Each of which having its distinct advantages. Payments made in cash means you can temporarily hold your payments and pay only at the time of the delivery. The credit payment are more entitled to bigger discounts. All items are offered at very cheap prices and with the options you’re given, it’s highly unlikely you don’t find something low costing for yourself.


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