Lazada: Living like Carrie Bradshaw for a lower price

lower price

Living like Carrie Bradshaw can be hard to keep up especially when you don’t have the capacity to live up to the lifestyle you so badly want. But that doesn’t mean you have to be less than fabulous. You can always steal styles for a bargain and arrange your room the way you want it without spending too much. It’s all about knowing how to properly manage your money and time without sacrificing the quality of what you need.


Go to bargain stores or if you can’t find any, try to find stores like Lazada that offer regular sales. You’ll be surprised just how much you can save with patient shopping. Yes, patient is the keyword. No matter how good a sale looks like, there’s always a huge chance that you’ll find a better option. Just keep looking. I like Lazada especially because for the past seven (7) months I have been buying from them, there was never a time a time I didn’t see a badass promo come to life. If it wasn’t a raffle draw or a chance to win my favorite gadget for 90% off, it was a promo that allowed me to pay in monthly installments with no discount whatsoever. Pretty awesome considering I rarely go online. The deliveries of the majority that I purchased were normally sent to me for free. It’s one of Lazada’s promos that give out free charge delivery for every minimum purchase of P1,000. I also got a lot of vouchers just for signing up on their newsletter thing and downloading their app. You would think it would be a lot easier if I went in the actual sales but truth be told the real gold are online. At least that’s what I have noticed and experienced for myself. Lazada normally holds sales weekly and monthly. Best ones are during holidays when they have massive sales where almost all the items are put on sale. IT’S REALLY A LOT BETTER THAN CHRISTMAS. I can’t even adjsdbflsbjfl anyway I also got the perks of warranties. There was this one instance that I bought extensions and I got P300 voucher for no reason at all.


Online shops are a gift from the online Gods. I know it’s not as popular yet as it should be. Before, I would go online and just check my Twitter or whatever floats my boat but now that a lot of things are in style and I don’t have the time to keep up, online shopping has been my safe way to getting what I want without sacrificing my productivity. It was just a big add on that the online shops carry a lot of sales which make it a lot more fun. That’s when I realized that getting what I want didn’t have to cost so much. We all have secrets. Some are just too dark we can’t tell anyone. Shopping for discounted items isn’t a crime. And it shouldn’t be something people would hide given how practical and a lot more logical it can be.



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