Finding the perfect present on a budget

present on a budgetLet’s face it! Everyone’s getting poorer by the second. It may not come across in the salary you get despite the humongous percentage taxes take away from our gross profit but it’s happening. Merchandises are becoming more expensive as well as the fares and expenses that help us get to our favorite stores. But despite this apparent change, the gift giving tradition does not go away. If anything, it’s more expected because more people ask for gifts now so as not to have to buy for themselves. So how do we lessen the burden of this Filipino tradition? We SALE shop!   The cheaper the better. It’s not just applicable on the stuff we buy for ourselves. It’s also very much recommended on the stuff we give out. Who are we kidding when we buy expensive items for the birthday celebrants in the parties/events we go to? It’s not like we’re making them feel unimportant by efforting to find something a little less expensive than what we’d normally buy for them. And besides, were we not invited for our presence and not the gifts? Okay, maybe not but it sounds a lot better when you try to see it that way. A great way to enjoy your stay at a party and make the celebrant happy is by compromising.

Here are some great online shopping site for your loved ones that won’t rip your wallet into two.
1. – It’s the Philippines’ very own Ebay and Amazon both rolled into one. It has more than 10 categories each specializing in specific uses. Whether you’re up for fashion or in desperate need of a side lamp, Lazada has it for you offered in different brands and styles. With their regular sales, you won’t have a hard time finding an item that fits the bill just right. It’s easier to shop here when you’re looking for a good number of items and is to busy to jump from one site to another. Lazada is a carrier of various brands so it’s literally just like shopping in a mall only this time it’s online.

2. – Now, be careful. You woudn’t want to buy something that has been used already. Make sure you have a keen eye for the good stuff because normally they have brand new items that owners have not used in the past. But is generally a website for items sellers want to dispose that are still in good condition.

3. Dealgrocer, Cashcashpinoy, Metrodeal – These websites are known for their discounted services in a form of a coupon. Indulge in therapeutic spas, vacations and many more for half the price with the help of these local websites. They get sponsors that are willing to slash off huge percentages on their regular rates just to give people like us a chance to experience what they can offer.

4. Facebook – Believe it or not, Facebook has a growing community of online sellers. They have a decent number of websites that actually can compete with other self-paid domain sites in the country. Most of which put up sales to attract customers or in this case, (Facebook) friends.


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