Lazada picks up on local e-commerce’s potential

ecommerce's potentialThe Philippines is not just an island filled with natural treasures (at least it used to). It’s also the perfect venue for starting companies to invest in given how delayed everything is. The local market is very well on its way to becoming parallel with its neighboring countries. This makes it the most practical time to enter in various business ventures. The more unconventional it is, the more likely it will attract a diverse audience. Take e-commerce as an example. It’s a type of business that has such a broad coverage but each one was able to establish an industry of its own. Selling online is classified as a form of Eletronice Commerce or E-commerce for short because of the process of buying and selling with the use of electronic devices. Clearly there’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow with this venture because of the endless number of people in various markets it can reach out to.

Lazada saw the potential in this growing industry long before it made the impact it currently holds in then Philippines. In year 1999, Rocket Internet, creator and genius mind behind Lazada, tested the waters with Zalando, its number 1 profit-making online venture. Luckily, it was picked up and the reaction was so profound that it eventually resulted to more than a hundred ventures in all continents besides Antarctica. Its current tagline “the Philippines’ Online Shopping Mall’ describes just how wide the variety of items they have on hold waiting to be ordered by Filipinos worldwide. It has 13 categories, each having a specific purpose. These categories help tell apart items from one another that make it easier for customers to find what they are looking for. Understanding the target market’s needs and interests didn’t come easy. Remember, this is owned by an international online venture building company. The Philippine market was being observed under a microscope that helped identify what was lacking in the websites that were launched prior to Lazada existing. It goes without saying that it was a goal that needed crucial planning and studying which the company did not shy away from. Filipinos were finally going to get the chance to experience top of the line online sites with no catch.

The industry of online selling was adapted by Filipino online sellers through foreign websites which set the standards pretty high for the following batches of online shops that sprouted. But Lazada, being a foreign website itself, chose to looked inward instead of the other way around. It researched the items that the Filipino market are interested in. It made its website fit Filipinos. It became more accessible for a lot of online shoppers because for the longest time, they were forced to comply to unfamiliar methods. Starting off with the currency accepted by the site. Filipino peso has finally been recognized and used to acquire goods online. From thousands of products to exquisite customer service, it was able to point out the flaws of other websites and incorporate only the good to their marsterpiece.


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