Lazada Philippines: My online obsession

obsessionI am a fan of online shopping. I think in the world that we are living in now, getting dressed to go out, commuting to the nearest mall, let alone fighting with other commuters, finding the item that I want, lining up to purchase the item, waiting for the credit card to get accepted by the system, dealing with cashiers that have not had the best day, finally receiving the item without me being able to enjoy it in the comfort of my home right away, having to wait until I get home to try on what I just paid for, and going back home following the same commute routine scheme earlier of getting to the mall is just too tiring and time consuming for me. I believe in the saying “ work smart, not hard”, and by having to go to a mall, the effort in getting to a mall is just working too damn hard and not at all smart for me. With online shopping, the fastest I have been able to purchase an item was in 5 clicks! I mean who could go old-fashioned shopping in less than 10 minutes…? NO ONE! Well unless you’re the Flash..

My knowledge about online shopping started a little over 5 years ago. I thought then that it was already a really cool concept, but did not change my old habit of going to the mall and getting my item from there. I did not know I would be so hooked to it until last year when a friend of mine told me about this new online shopping website. She said that the makers of the website, Rocket Internet has been building online companies since 1999 and that Lazada is also present in Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia! This made me think right away that they must know what they are doing.  When I got home that night, I did my research right away! I don’t know what she put in my drink, but I caught myself doing research on Lazada right away when I got home. I saw tons of positive reviews on the website, which said that they were very satisfied with the products that the company is offering. They have easy payment terms and deliver right at the doorstep! I then checked out their website and saw how neat and well it was presented! Thought that this company knows how to do business, and they know how to do their business well!! From then on, they easily gained my trust!

That trust was put to test on my first purchase! That time, I was remodeling my bedroom and it was time for me to buy bed linen with matching pillowcases. I checked Lazada PH if they had these, and thankfully they do! It was so much easier for me to check out the designs I want and reject those I don’t by just being online. I don’t know, but that experience made me love online shopping! Much less hassle!! My quality linens and pillowcases came in after 3 days! I love them! Lazada has not broken my trust in the website since my first purchase! Hoping this relationship with Lazada continues ( I know it will! )

In my book, everyone should be doing shopping online!!


Lazada: New Found Love for Online Shopping

new found love

Have you ever tried buying clothes online that don’t fit you? I have, all the time. It always happens to me but still I just really want buying things online since it is very convenient and it saves a lot of time. Before I got really hooked on online shopping, I used to spend a lot of time going to the mall with my friends just to buy things. I don’t have that luxury anymore since I am already busy with work and at the same time I am raising a beautiful baby daughter. I gave birth five months ago, and honestly I have not yet lost all the pounds I gained when I was pregnant. I had a really hard time looking for clothes when I was still pregnant. It was really different from shopping normal clothes. Before I only have to consider the size of my clothes. But when you are pregnant you also need to consider comfort. After giving birth, I slowly went back on shopping normal clothes, and I already acquired the habit of also considering comfort as a huge factor as well.

Even before getting pregnant, I already had a hard time looking for an online shop that have the proper size labels. I am usually a small, but every time I buy clothes online, it is either too big or too small even if I buy them in the same online store. They have inconsistent sizes. But I still patronize online stores since it is time saving and very convenient, plus they have really cute and pretty stuff that does not exist on regular department stores or shops. After giving birth, I’m now sadly a medium size. I tried shopping in malls first just to make sure what is my new size, and then I went back on my online shopping. And as disappointing as my new size, I become more disappointed when they delivered my new clothes. None of them fit well.

As I was checking my Facebook account, I noticed a really cute ad by Lazada. I noticed that they have really cute shoes and clothes, so I tried to check out their products. As expected I ended up buying a 3 new clothes from them. As a new customer of their online store, I chose a pay through a cash-on-delivery payment because I also wanted to check if the clothes really fit me first. Unexpected as it is, with a new size and a new store, all the clothes I bought fit me very well. It was really a good experience buying from Lazada. Their employee that delivered my clothes are very courteous and nice, the clothes are very comfortable and are sized properly, and the mode of payment is very easy. These are the things I look for an online shop, and trust me I have tried tons.

Now that I found a new online store that tolerates my shopping addiction, I cannot be happier with my experience. It is easy, fun and the clothes are really nice.

A nationwide phenomenon that is Lazada Philippines

nationwide phenomenonLazada Philippines — by far the best online shopping website to date that was made specifically for Filipino buyers. It was created last year of February by Rocket Internet, an online venture company owned by the Samwer brothers. The said empire started in year 1999 that paved way to more fifty successful online websites all over the world. It was May of this year that Lazada celebrated its first year anniversary that produced more sales for the online shopping mall. It is a website that shells more than 20,000 products of different kinds under diverse brands ranging from local aspiring companies to internationally acclaimed trademarks. A month before it celebrated its one year anniversary, it was named as the most talked about consumer brand on the popular social networking site, Facebook. It was also regarded as the Best Online Shopping Mall for 2013 by the Golden Globe Awards only a year after its official launch. Prominent companies like J.P. Morgan Asset Management, Summit Partners, Kinnevik and many more helped in funding Lazada’s impressive race to the top of its social pyramid. Its success is thanks to the wonderful works of both local and foreign employees known for their own respective expertise.

The internet has made such a great impact on the lives of many Filipinos that online shopping has become such a well-respected industry and form of profit-making business. Lazada currently holds one of the top spots in the e-commerce list of sites that provides its services on a nationwide scale with very many considerations on its buyers like achievable payment methods, cheap product rates and accessible delivery services.  It has gained such a huge following after only months in business and is still accumulating a growing number of consumers. As a country trying to be part of the competitive business industry known internationally, Lazada helps Filipinos become familiar with the online edge that is e-commerce. As important as it is to maintain the conventional way of shopping, online shopping shoulders a lot of the expenses that stall owners have to consider each month.

Online shopping is not just a parody that people can call amateur because of the number of people it has helped. A lot of well-established entrepreneurs pay respect and recognition to the power that the internet has over billions of people taking into consideration that online selling has helped pick up their careers. So little known facts are laid out for readers on just how powerful online shopping can be on the lives of many. While others have the comfort of leaving their houses to purchase whatever item they need, some are not so lucky with the heavy load of work and responsibilities they have to prioritize above everything else. Online shopping promotes multi-tasking and not in the way most high school students use it to their advantage. Some people think it’s as easy as pie to get an online shop going but in reality, only a few really take it seriously enough to make it successful in revenues.

Lazada Philippines: Shopping on the Go!

Lazada sealLazada is an online shopping system by Rocket Internet GmbH, which is  similar to more known internet based shopping websites such as Ebay and Amazon. Rocket Internet GmbH is an online business incubator  founded by three brothers namely Alexander, Oliver and Mac Samwer in Germany during the year 1999. Rocket first launched Lazada Philippines in the late 2011 following current affiliations such as Lazada Indonesia, Lazada Thailand, Lazada Malaysia, and Lazada Vietnam.

Lazada Philippines offers a wide range of products. Electronics, home appliances, school supplies, fashion accessories and clothes among other things are just a few mentioned to those offered in the website. The website is also equipped with a secure online transaction which can protect the privacy of the users. Among the possibe payment methods that are accepted in the website are credit card transactions, debit card, cash on delivery, and a credit card installment by Banco de Oro Unibank (BDO). For the safety and insurance of the users, the website also provides manufacturer’s warranty and returns policy. Because of the growing market in mobile internet services, aside from the online website, an Android app was also launched by GooglePlay on June 2013 for mobile access to the website.

Lazada Philippines is deemed as one of the most visited websites in Southeast Asia. According to the information from the website Alexa, Lazada Philippines is among the top 20,000 websites in the world. Just thinking of the million of websites available at present, this is a huge feat for them. In the mid 2013, it has also been known as the one of the top consumer brands in Facebook Philippines which has also collected over a million fans on Facebook. Lastly Lazada has also been awarded as the Best Online Shopping Mall of 2013 in the annual Golden Globe Awards.

With the help of JP Morgan Asset Management, Lazada has secured over $50M of funding to help continue operations in Southeast Asia: Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. Holtzbrink Ventures, Kinnevik, Summit Partners, Tengelmann and Verlinvest are just some of those who invested in the wesbsite.

The online business is a growing market in the world today. Retail success is no longer all about the physical aspect because as we can see now a days, more and more products are being offered online.  With the growth of online shopping, there is a growth in the opportunities for retail companies to cater to offsshore market demands and service requirements. Online shopping provides an easy access to products for the users. In need of something, there is no longer a need to step out of your house to buy something you need. Given enough time, all you need is access to the internet and a computer or a mobile phone with internet access to be able to purchase a product. Just go to the website, choose the product you want, choose the method of payment, enter your details and wait for your product to be delivered. No hassle and no more waste of time going to some place just to buy something which is very advisable to those people who treat their time as gold. So what else are you waiting for, go to now!

Guaranteed good service from Lazada Philippines

guaranteed good service          Explaining the complexities that go into online shopping can be brutal. It doesn’t seem difficult one bit for the buyers but a lot of planning and dedication go into every transaction made. If you’re a good merchandiser/manufacturer, you would know how hard it is to make people satisfied with their orders. There will always be a number in a bunch that wines about the simplest of things. And if you’re not willing to set your pride aside, you would have a hard time handling their concerns and sealing the deal. Getting each order to its rightful buyer demands time which some fresh sharks in the e-commerce industry fail to grasp using online selling as just a form of pastime. With a million online selling websites and pages, how certain are you that your connections will not die down? You can’t keep selling your items to your friends alone if you’re looking to hit the jackpot.

Online shopping mall, Lazada, takes its craft very seriously. It comes from a long line of online ventures from well-renowned online business builder, Rocket Internet. Lazada is powered by the best online experts in the Philippines as well as imports from the different branches of Lazada and Rocket Internet. It spearheaded the success of many local designers because of its wide coverage in audience. Brands unattainable to a lot of buyers around the Philippines are now available to all. Not only would it be convenient to purchase but also favorable to you no matter how busy your schedule is. It can be a bummer when you’re so in the mood to buy something nice for your place or self and you have to suspend it until the next day when stores open again. Online stores are up and running 24 hours a day and 7 days week which is a luxury people don’t appreciate.

Some online sellers take newbie online users for granted by offering ridiculous prices for poor quality products. There are always buzz killers out there ruining a perfectly constructed system for their selfish needs. But that doesn’t eliminate the percentage of the population dedicated to giving its customers the best they can provide. It’s a matter of being able to point out the legitimate online stores from the knock offs

Given the great deal of competition around both online and offline, fresh graduates or veteran entrepreneurs still have to up their antic each time the lifestyle of the generation today heightens. Lazada specializes in different kinds of products to accommodate everyone. More merchandises available for sale means profit for the business. But merchandises must be more desirable than other products being sold in other stores. If not, you’ll just be piling up products making it such a terrible loss. The online industry is booming and this is the perfect time to embrace its rewards while it’s still new and fresh. When the time comes it turns to a casual method of errand, online stores will be just as overconfident as other outlet stores with their overpriced items.


Lazada: A second installment

Second installment

LAZADA PHILIPPINES — The latest shopping mall installment of Rocket Internet in the Philippines after Zalora Philippines. It is an online shopping mall that specializes in various kinds of items like appliances, clothes, books, fashion, music, cameras, laptops, cellular phones and many more. It started its journey early last year after which paved way to establishing other branches of Lazada in different countries all over Southeast Asia like Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. Its opened doors and opportunities to more localized brands through Lazada’s nationwide coverage tapping cities that were unknowingly overlooked by other social media and shopping sites. It gained so much online traffic especially during its first year anniversary this May that it became one of the most talked about consumer page on Facebook this year. It was also recognized by award-giving body called The Golden Annual Awards that dubbed Lazada as the online shopping mall of 2013.

Its impact created ground-breaking records both in visits and proficts making it one of the most outstanding online shopping malls for the year 2013. Created in the image of popular international websites like Ebay and Amazon, Lazada carries a pleasant reputation for making its product sell in Philippine Peso. A feature that helps Filipinos project their expenses in a currency familiar to all. All items are subject to full refund for up to 7 days following a complaint that such order has been tampered with prior to being handed over to the buyer. Lazada follows Rocket Internet’s international trend of service putting forward the convenience of its clients among everything else. This value has been perfectly conveyed in their services including methods of payment, delivery charges, carrier and authenticity guarantees, customer hotline and many more.

The Philippines is starving for progress and the growth in E-commerce is slowly helping our country elevate its status and ability to compete against other countries with the same nature of business. Filipinos all over the world not just the ones residing within the vicinity of the 7,107 islands in the Philippines can reach out to relatives and loved ones with use of online shopping. Maximizing its worth to its full capacity can do wonders for both the suppliers and buyers that directly corelate to the success of the consignment store that is Lazada.

Shopping online instead of the usual method of shopping is not neccassirily letting go of old traditions but just a step towards embracing progress as it is presented to us. One of the advantages of being part of this generation is becoming inclined to technology which in return gives us an advantage in both managing are time and expenses. Depriving ourselves of the opportunity to be part of a lifestyle that is now popular to all social statuses is like abandoning the future and not living it. One way or another, we have to allow ourselves to experience what is unfamiliar to us to make room for discoveries that might just help us become more useful to society. Because whether we like it or not, this type of progress is here to stay.

Lazada: A New Installment to Rocket Internet’s Filipino Family

joins usFollowing Zalora Philippines, an online shopping website devoted to fashion and lifestyle, Lazada Philippines gave room to even more online opportunities. Lazada is an online shopping website similar to Zalora that sells multiple products of different kinds. It focuses not just on technological devices like it is popularly known for. It covers movies, music, toys, appliances, furnitures and many more. Each category has selections from different local and foreign brands.

It all started last February of 2012. Lazada entered the business of local E-commerce through extensive product research that gained numerous followers starting with the most powerful social website today called Facebook. Its success came as no surprise. Lazada Philippines along with its counterparts in Southeast countries like Vietnam, Indonesia etc have experienced a wave of recognition from its respective local communities. May of this year, it celebrated its first year anniversary. The number of people familiar with its business venture grew as it expanded the quality of the promos and services offered. Without the local e-commerce community knowing it, Lazada was being commended by different well-respected entities such as Facebook and Golden Globe Annual Awards this year 2013.

Some of the favorite features of Lazada include the Lifestyle Section, Banco De Oro Installment Payment Method and Cash on Delivery. The Lifestyle Section is a mix of different genres of products. Products that have something in common are featured regularly to make shopping easier for different kinds of customers. The Banco De Oro Installment Method is an option customers can use for monthly installments. This lessens the burden of paying in full and having to let something a customer likes or needs go for lack of funds. Cash on Delivery is a payment method just like the BDO method that is most convenient for non-credit card holders. Payments are given upon delivery with no prior deposit or charges.

This online shopping website continues to make its website friendlier to anyone who uses it by improving its product selections, discount promotions and customer services. All types of customers are treated with the same kind of quality service whether over the phone or online. As it continues to excite us with more surprises in the months to come, Filipinos can’t help but wonder what other promos better than the previous are out there. Given the high demand on fast paced service because of the overwhelming number of Filipinos working regularly, E-commerce industry will not go weak anytime soon. The concept of online selling/shopping was pushed under the rug for far too many years already. For the first time in a long time, the Philippines is opening its heart to an unconventional form of shopping and service. If Filipinos remain as open-minded as they are now with e-commerce websites, then there is no telling just how much improvement we can expect in the following years. Finally, we aren’t as late on the wagon as we used to be. We now have something of the same nature with our neighboring countries.