Lazada: Online game changer

So we were forced to make a paper in class and I thought of sharing it to you guys to make all the hard work pay off. Hope you like it! 😀

ZzzFacebook, Instagram, Youtube, Tumblr, WordPress, Twitter and other random website ads have all had a taste of online shopping invading their social media sites. I don’t remember when the last time I went online and I didn’t see a single online selling site featured was. But I am not one to complain because I have to admit to becoming part of the population that allowed themselves to be enslaved by online shopping. Well, okay maybe not enslaved but something similar to it.

Lazada Philippines is a great online shopping mall to visit for those testing the waters. It’s extremely user-friendly. It’s literally just like searching what you need on a Google search bar except this one actually shows results of items that can be bought in the Philippines. It can be frustrating to type something on Google and not get what you want that is in line with what you’re looking for. The whole process of figuring out what keywords to use to make the results as relevant as possible takes away the convenient part of online searching. It’s more practical to buy from a website that actually specializes in local merchandise or if not at least offers items in Philippine peso. Also, it’s very rare to see a website that sells more than just a few hundred items. Unlike other self-proclaimed online shopping malls, the quality of the iteams featured in Lazada’s website are all in high def. The trick to buying online is getting a realistic feel of what the item would actually look like in person. If there’s one thing online shopping sites will have a hard time, it’s making sure that they are able to attract the customers for all the right reasons like good product description. Since the items featured in the site are high in quality, the zoom features make it imaginable just like you’re actually holding it in your hand. The more realistic the items are, the more likely the customers will be drawn to the item.

There are other great features about this website online shoppers can put to good use. Even buyers who have been shopping online for a long time will find the services offered by Lazada rather impressive among many things. It has good modes in charging fees both in product price itself and delivery service. All items bought for a total of P1000 and above can expect no charge in delivery as an additional perk. Though the delivery charges normally range from P50 to P100, just think about how many hundreds you’ll get to save each time you order when you live in the middle of nowhere. And on top of everything else, items come with two year warranties. While other companies try to rip ever cent out of us with one year renewal warranties, this online store provides a total of two year security absolutely free. All these can be yours. And you didn’t even have to take a shower.


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