A taste of online shopping

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According to the majority of my friends, shopping online is the next big thing because of the overwhelming number of internet users as of the bik 2k. With everyone gushing over their latest Android, iPhone, Tablet, etc. it seems safe to assumer that in a couple of years, mall shopping will just be as normal as it is seeing a telephone wire at home, relevant but not really as important.

I decided to join the bandwagon and see for myself just what everyone has been talking about. I work in a furniture manufacturing company and the internet isn’t as overrated in our workplace as it is in other industries like marketing, fashion, merchandising, etc. My first try was a complete failure. I purchased something from Simple Daises, a Facebook page, and forgot to give out my personal contact number to the seller when I passed my order form. It had a separate order sheet that required only the email while the rest were optional. It totally slipped my mind that I never check my email unless my boss tells me she sent me a production plan up for review. I waited for a week and it was only after my friend asked me where the high waist jeans I ordered was that I realized I never followed up my order making it impossible for the seller to finalize the delivery.

My second attempt was the cherry on top of everything bad that happened to me during my first try. I ordered from Lazada and since they required majority of every detail needed to carry on shipments prior to customer’s approval or not, it got to me on time. It was actually a relief that my first order failed because I saw something just like it at Lazada for 20% off. It was a little over a thousand, which made the delivery fee free. A policy that only a few website offer. I paid in full with my credit card, the reason why I had the 20% discount in the first place.

All in all, I guess I would have to agree with my friends. Online shopping may not be at its peak now but taking into consideration all the high technology that we now have and are continuing to upgrade, who knows what next form of shopping humans can come up with in the future? No matter how much people prefer going out of their comfort zone to kill daylight, there will always come a time that your dad will be to busy with work or some set of responsibilities to do anything else in the leisure department for yourself. I would like to think that tradition would never have to be compromised for the sake of further convenience. But reality has showed us just how essential these kinds of options are in times of unexpected events. But nevertheless, I hope that everyone will be able to manage using all these inventions and innovations in moderation so as not to cause any harm to themselves and the people around them.





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