Lazada Philippines: A taste of elite shopping

elite shoppingOnline shopping is not just a guilty pleasure anymore. It has become just as practical as far shopping goes. With thousands of websites published everyday, a huge percentage of this goes into creating online stores. E-commerce or Electronic Commerce websites give us an overview of all products available for public consumption from music to even food. A lot of fast food and fine dining restaurants have resorted to online selling to accommodate more customers all around the world. This innovation garnered over a billion audiences expanding not just the audience but also the store itself.

Claiming its way to fame, Lazada Philippines inherited its good public appeal from its mogul creators, the Samwer brothers. They are the owners of the online venture empire called Rocket Internet. Lazada along with its sister company Zalora took the local e-commerce world by storm with its diverse products and top of the line customer service. It is more popularly known for its wide range of electronic products. Laptops, cellular phones, cameras and surround sound system are just few of the many kinds of merchandises they offer with majority priced at a very low price. It garnered its undeniable outstanding number of sales in a span of less than a year making it one of the most talked about pages on Facebook. And this was with not much help from media marketing like television commercials, radio jingles or billboard signs.

It prides itself with its flawless service and remarkable trademark of abundant discounts. A shopping buff would definitely see this website as a blessing more than anything else. Finally, a website that follows an international standard has created an online store all our own. Filipino shoppers can finally experience elite shopping service without any need for VIP registration. All items are delivered to customers’ houses with a maximum fee of P100 available for shipment nationwide. It provides warranties and returns for customers to not feel a bit taken advantage of. Its revenues continue to rise because of their continuous improvement in promos and product specialties. Customers can also pay for their products either with cash or credit card. Cash payments fall under the Cash on Delivery service or COD for short where payments occur during the actual delivery. Credit card payments on the other hand are a little bit different from how it is processed in stores. Credit Card payments either under Visa or Mastercard are placed upon purchase. Personal information such as credit card details are kept intact and have passed the PCI-DSS standards that ensures customers of secure privacy.  PCI-DSS is an entrusted company known for evaluating a company’s ability to keep personal information safe and secure. All deliveries are then carried over by either LBC or 2G0 that serve as the company’s partners in product shipment. Both LBC and 2G0 are popular for both effective and efficient services.

Lazada is growing to become one of the most powerful online stores to date. Serving more than 10 unique categories like music, clothes, furniture etc set the apart from the rest of its competitors in the online selling industry.


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