Lazada: Troubled online shoppers

troubled online shoppers

Don’t sweat when the bill comes knocking on your door. Not all payments have to ruin your day. Some are so flexible that you would be surprised just how considerate shops are today. Just yesterday, I went to Mall of Asia for their end of the season sale and was surprised to hear about BPI’s “Buy Now and Pay Later” promo where instalments start at the third month from purchase. I bought from Power Mac and availed the promo. When I got home, I checked out Lazada’s latest promos and they were offering free Creative Speakers for a 9,600 pesos worth of Redfox laptop. Imagine having a while entertainment system for less than 10, 000 and at the same time pay in instalments with BDO.  Lazada offers cash on delivery which suspends payment up to the day of actual delivery. They also accept credit card payments that are either Visa or MasterCard. Cash on delivery works well with people who would rather pay in cash than have to put it on account. It’s also a lot like paying over the counter. Y

Payments can be very intimidating especially when you’re paying in more than four digits. But overall, I appreciate how some online shopping sites make their options so customer friendly that it’s impossible for people to refuse to order the latest discounts. Online shopping websites are very open to putting up weekly sales. Unlike in malls, online stores hold sales more frequently. You don’t have to wait for the season to end because even just the end of the months put up promos.

Payment Methods make online shopping a lot more practical to choose over the usual over the counter payments. More options are available and more items are put on sale that is a lot easier to access and view. Since the shops are online, items can be accessed on the most unreasonable time and still not serve as a hassle on the part of both the manufacturer and buyer.

Online stores make every item in the market accessible in a matter of minutes. It doesn’t matter if you can’t pay in full because majority of the big online stores today offer a variety of modes of payments that suit all types of customers. Whether you like paying in cash or putting it on credit, you’ll be given the chance to purchase whatever you want just as long as you are patient in searching for the perfect website. One of the sites out of a billion is bound to keep up with your set of standards no matter how high they may be.

All in all, online shopping isn’t as bad as before anymore. The process of buying online is just as casual as buying in malls with the additional discounts to keep you coming back. Online stores are on the verge of coming out as one of the go-to shopping options today. With the rate it’s going today, no one knows just how big it can go.



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