Lazada, a mogul company in the making

mogul company

E-commerce or electronic commerce as some are more familiar with has become such a game changer in the online industry. Its impact has made billion if not more in profits for many leading online sites. Lazada took part in this trend and made it the sole in creating one of the most influential websites in the Philippines today. It has created an audience loyal to its products and is continuing to generate more consumers. It is efficient in every sense of the word because of its several operations that make shopping from the said website a breeze or plain out easy.

It has a payment system that takes give or take five (5) minutes to complete. Though credit card and cash payments differ in the process, the general theme of each revolve around easier transactions for customers. If you are already signed in as a member, you’d have an even easier to time finishing your order form. Credit card payments simply require account information while cash on delivery being the simplest can be done without any payment during submission of form. Delivery of the products takes place right after the payment process. It takes three (3) to five (5) days to be delivered to shipping addresses in metro manila while a maximum of seven (7) days is estimated for shipments outside. To keep customers confident about their orders, a control number is distributed to all buyers that compose of updates regarding the state of the order/s. A hotline is available for customer concerns both negative and posistive. This hotline is open to buyers nationwide seven (7) days a week at reasonable hours. Customers are even still given priority during holidays.

There is no telling what other achievements Lazada can accomplish considering the many accomplishments it has now finished. E-commerce allowed online shopping websites either local or international a chance to extend its arm to a nationwide or worldwide scale with the endless possibilities that come along with internet usage. Lazada may seem daunting at first glance because of its wide array of selections. But out of the numerous websites published today, this online shopping website has showed the most growth in so little time. But populariity can only bring you so far. At a certain point, product and service will be the only thing left to convince a customer to stay connected. And with the outrageous leap in numbers of Lazada, it seems just fair to assume the customers are more than satisfied with the kind of service they produce.

Our very own online shopping website opened our eyes to engaging with services provided online. By our own, I mean to say is that an international website is functioning as a local website selling products in Philippine Peso. It was created for our benefit taking into consideration our personal preferences that other shopping websites to this day lack. An amazing installment by Rocket Internet, creator and owner of Lazada Philippines, indeed. Cheers to progress! Cheers to success!


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