Lazada’s featured promos and service spike up sales

profitIt is at its peak and is showing no signs of slowing down. Lazada together with sibling companies, Zalora & Office Fab, are transforming the Philippines’ definition of E-commerce into something bigger and better. Lazada, an online shopping site that sells a variety of products from different brands, welcomed its first year anniversary with a bang. In these past months since the grand year launch, our favorite online shopping website has created numerous promos celebrating the different seasons of the year.

If you were already in the loop of December last year, you would be familiar with Lazada’s own version of 12 Days of Christmas. They gave away gifts each day counting down to Jesus Christ’s birthday. It is a lot alike with how Oprah and Ellen Degeneres celebrate their Christmas season episodes.

Popular inspiration features include Spotted, Bachelor Pad Basics and Back 2 Back Urban Sport. Spotted is a collection of gadgets that have been seen being used by popular celebrities by the likes of Justin Bieber, Nelly Furtado, Gwen Stefani, Ryan Gosling, Jay-Z and many more. The gadgets featured in this article range from the latest iPhone model in both black and white used by Louis Tomlinson of One Direction and Miley Cyrus to the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 seen being used to capture moments by Alexa Chung and Rihanna. Back 2 Back Urban Sport kicks it street style with a selection of Roller Derby skateboards available in different designs and colors as well as protector sets for bicycle lovers to name a few. It even has a Wheatgrass Powder Drink available for all those trying to stay healthy and in shape. The ultimate bachelor pad comes with a price. But the prices are worth every penny with high-end collections of electronics, home appliances, kitchen and dining ware and bed and bath products. If you’re a metrosexual too embarrassed to go shopping alone and you are looking for a store to get you started, the Bachelor Pad Basics online feature has got you covered.

Lazada’s lists of discounted items cover all categories. You’ll find each nature of item with several discounts sometimes up to 70% off. If the promos don’t get you crackalacking, maybe the customer service can help in making you decide how much of a good bargain the offers in Lazada are. A hotline is available 7 days a week open to address suggestions, violent reactions and other forms of concerns. All purchases can be paid in cash or using a credit card with corresponding forms to fill out that just take a few minutes. All items orders are subject to delivery available anywhere in the Philippines. All single receipt purchases that reach P1000 and above are subject to free delivery. No fees guaranteed. Customers are given a reasonable amount of time of up to 7 days to return defective products that are still in good condition. All items are guaranteed authentic. Lazada offers up to 2 years warranty in items like cellphones, televisions and other technological devices and appliances. If you know any better, you would have realize by now just how impressive Lazada is.



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