Lazada’s sweet rise to the top

sweet rise to top

Forget switching windows. You can get just as much options with one online shop alone and feel not a bit deprived of good buys. Entering the consignment industry can be tricky. Pairing up with brands that don’t get much traffic can cause you a lot of online storage and space. Consignment online stores that succeed however are able to maintain a balance between the popular and the rising brands of today.

Lazada was able to measure the right amount of established brands with its new brands enough to attract customers from visiting its website. But that is just one small component to the success of Lazada. It’s ability to captivate the hearts of Filipinos everywhere is undeniable. But just how can online shopper avoid the smart sale aroma  of Lazada if it exudes nothing but good discounts.

Lazada has had previous professional encounters with a variety of cultures in the past. Because of these experiences, it became prepared for whatever type of conflict it might encounter in its duration in the Philippines. Because of  the excellent background it’s creator has, this online venture was literally predestined to be a nationwide success. An overnight success even. Because in less than a year, the number of sales it gained grew immensely each month.

Even Filipinos abroad have cited this website as one of their local favorites. The services provided by Lazada made it easy for even Filipinos working overseas to access their products. Some Filipinos make use of the online website to send gifts to loved ones on ordinary days. Because the website has no minimum rate, items as low as P50 can be delivered to loved ones in less than a week depending on the address of delivery. A maximum shipment fee of P100 is observed for all products under P1000 scheduled to be delivered outside the premises of Metro Manils. Deliveries within the Metro Manila are however are given a much lighter rate. All orders amounting to P1000 and above are stripped away of the obligation to pay for shipment fees. Deliveries are then provided for free anywhere in the Philippines.

If you are in search of a website that consists of almost every item regularly purchased in malls, then you will definitely find peace in this website. They have items from the small purchases such as books, cd albums, DVDs to big ticket items such as flat screen televisions, stereos, refrigerators and many more. Online shoppers of all ages will find a category specifically made to cater to their interest. Searches are made easy with the easy navigation system of the ste from one category to another. The best deals and top sellers are listed on the homepage along with the latest promos of the month or season. It even has a magazine-like feature with several special pages dedicated to a specific topic like a Father’s Day Special containing suggested goodies by their team. Don’t miss out on the great promos out now! And don’t forget to sign up for their newsletter that entitled you to a free voucher you can use on your next purchase.


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