Lazada: A New Installment to Rocket Internet’s Filipino Family

joins usFollowing Zalora Philippines, an online shopping website devoted to fashion and lifestyle, Lazada Philippines gave room to even more online opportunities. Lazada is an online shopping website similar to Zalora that sells multiple products of different kinds. It focuses not just on technological devices like it is popularly known for. It covers movies, music, toys, appliances, furnitures and many more. Each category has selections from different local and foreign brands.

It all started last February of 2012. Lazada entered the business of local E-commerce through extensive product research that gained numerous followers starting with the most powerful social website today called Facebook. Its success came as no surprise. Lazada Philippines along with its counterparts in Southeast countries like Vietnam, Indonesia etc have experienced a wave of recognition from its respective local communities. May of this year, it celebrated its first year anniversary. The number of people familiar with its business venture grew as it expanded the quality of the promos and services offered. Without the local e-commerce community knowing it, Lazada was being commended by different well-respected entities such as Facebook and Golden Globe Annual Awards this year 2013.

Some of the favorite features of Lazada include the Lifestyle Section, Banco De Oro Installment Payment Method and Cash on Delivery. The Lifestyle Section is a mix of different genres of products. Products that have something in common are featured regularly to make shopping easier for different kinds of customers. The Banco De Oro Installment Method is an option customers can use for monthly installments. This lessens the burden of paying in full and having to let something a customer likes or needs go for lack of funds. Cash on Delivery is a payment method just like the BDO method that is most convenient for non-credit card holders. Payments are given upon delivery with no prior deposit or charges.

This online shopping website continues to make its website friendlier to anyone who uses it by improving its product selections, discount promotions and customer services. All types of customers are treated with the same kind of quality service whether over the phone or online. As it continues to excite us with more surprises in the months to come, Filipinos can’t help but wonder what other promos better than the previous are out there. Given the high demand on fast paced service because of the overwhelming number of Filipinos working regularly, E-commerce industry will not go weak anytime soon. The concept of online selling/shopping was pushed under the rug for far too many years already. For the first time in a long time, the Philippines is opening its heart to an unconventional form of shopping and service. If Filipinos remain as open-minded as they are now with e-commerce websites, then there is no telling just how much improvement we can expect in the following years. Finally, we aren’t as late on the wagon as we used to be. We now have something of the same nature with our neighboring countries.


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