Lazada: A second installment

Second installment

LAZADA PHILIPPINES — The latest shopping mall installment of Rocket Internet in the Philippines after Zalora Philippines. It is an online shopping mall that specializes in various kinds of items like appliances, clothes, books, fashion, music, cameras, laptops, cellular phones and many more. It started its journey early last year after which paved way to establishing other branches of Lazada in different countries all over Southeast Asia like Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. Its opened doors and opportunities to more localized brands through Lazada’s nationwide coverage tapping cities that were unknowingly overlooked by other social media and shopping sites. It gained so much online traffic especially during its first year anniversary this May that it became one of the most talked about consumer page on Facebook this year. It was also recognized by award-giving body called The Golden Annual Awards that dubbed Lazada as the online shopping mall of 2013.

Its impact created ground-breaking records both in visits and proficts making it one of the most outstanding online shopping malls for the year 2013. Created in the image of popular international websites like Ebay and Amazon, Lazada carries a pleasant reputation for making its product sell in Philippine Peso. A feature that helps Filipinos project their expenses in a currency familiar to all. All items are subject to full refund for up to 7 days following a complaint that such order has been tampered with prior to being handed over to the buyer. Lazada follows Rocket Internet’s international trend of service putting forward the convenience of its clients among everything else. This value has been perfectly conveyed in their services including methods of payment, delivery charges, carrier and authenticity guarantees, customer hotline and many more.

The Philippines is starving for progress and the growth in E-commerce is slowly helping our country elevate its status and ability to compete against other countries with the same nature of business. Filipinos all over the world not just the ones residing within the vicinity of the 7,107 islands in the Philippines can reach out to relatives and loved ones with use of online shopping. Maximizing its worth to its full capacity can do wonders for both the suppliers and buyers that directly corelate to the success of the consignment store that is Lazada.

Shopping online instead of the usual method of shopping is not neccassirily letting go of old traditions but just a step towards embracing progress as it is presented to us. One of the advantages of being part of this generation is becoming inclined to technology which in return gives us an advantage in both managing are time and expenses. Depriving ourselves of the opportunity to be part of a lifestyle that is now popular to all social statuses is like abandoning the future and not living it. One way or another, we have to allow ourselves to experience what is unfamiliar to us to make room for discoveries that might just help us become more useful to society. Because whether we like it or not, this type of progress is here to stay.


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