Lazada Philippines: Shopping on the Go!

Lazada sealLazada is an online shopping system by Rocket Internet GmbH, which is  similar to more known internet based shopping websites such as Ebay and Amazon. Rocket Internet GmbH is an online business incubator  founded by three brothers namely Alexander, Oliver and Mac Samwer in Germany during the year 1999. Rocket first launched Lazada Philippines in the late 2011 following current affiliations such as Lazada Indonesia, Lazada Thailand, Lazada Malaysia, and Lazada Vietnam.

Lazada Philippines offers a wide range of products. Electronics, home appliances, school supplies, fashion accessories and clothes among other things are just a few mentioned to those offered in the website. The website is also equipped with a secure online transaction which can protect the privacy of the users. Among the possibe payment methods that are accepted in the website are credit card transactions, debit card, cash on delivery, and a credit card installment by Banco de Oro Unibank (BDO). For the safety and insurance of the users, the website also provides manufacturer’s warranty and returns policy. Because of the growing market in mobile internet services, aside from the online website, an Android app was also launched by GooglePlay on June 2013 for mobile access to the website.

Lazada Philippines is deemed as one of the most visited websites in Southeast Asia. According to the information from the website Alexa, Lazada Philippines is among the top 20,000 websites in the world. Just thinking of the million of websites available at present, this is a huge feat for them. In the mid 2013, it has also been known as the one of the top consumer brands in Facebook Philippines which has also collected over a million fans on Facebook. Lastly Lazada has also been awarded as the Best Online Shopping Mall of 2013 in the annual Golden Globe Awards.

With the help of JP Morgan Asset Management, Lazada has secured over $50M of funding to help continue operations in Southeast Asia: Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. Holtzbrink Ventures, Kinnevik, Summit Partners, Tengelmann and Verlinvest are just some of those who invested in the wesbsite.

The online business is a growing market in the world today. Retail success is no longer all about the physical aspect because as we can see now a days, more and more products are being offered online.  With the growth of online shopping, there is a growth in the opportunities for retail companies to cater to offsshore market demands and service requirements. Online shopping provides an easy access to products for the users. In need of something, there is no longer a need to step out of your house to buy something you need. Given enough time, all you need is access to the internet and a computer or a mobile phone with internet access to be able to purchase a product. Just go to the website, choose the product you want, choose the method of payment, enter your details and wait for your product to be delivered. No hassle and no more waste of time going to some place just to buy something which is very advisable to those people who treat their time as gold. So what else are you waiting for, go to now!


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