A nationwide phenomenon that is Lazada Philippines

nationwide phenomenonLazada Philippines — by far the best online shopping website to date that was made specifically for Filipino buyers. It was created last year of February by Rocket Internet, an online venture company owned by the Samwer brothers. The said empire started in year 1999 that paved way to more fifty successful online websites all over the world. It was May of this year that Lazada celebrated its first year anniversary that produced more sales for the online shopping mall. It is a website that shells more than 20,000 products of different kinds under diverse brands ranging from local aspiring companies to internationally acclaimed trademarks. A month before it celebrated its one year anniversary, it was named as the most talked about consumer brand on the popular social networking site, Facebook. It was also regarded as the Best Online Shopping Mall for 2013 by the Golden Globe Awards only a year after its official launch. Prominent companies like J.P. Morgan Asset Management, Summit Partners, Kinnevik and many more helped in funding Lazada’s impressive race to the top of its social pyramid. Its success is thanks to the wonderful works of both local and foreign employees known for their own respective expertise.

The internet has made such a great impact on the lives of many Filipinos that online shopping has become such a well-respected industry and form of profit-making business. Lazada currently holds one of the top spots in the e-commerce list of sites that provides its services on a nationwide scale with very many considerations on its buyers like achievable payment methods, cheap product rates and accessible delivery services.  It has gained such a huge following after only months in business and is still accumulating a growing number of consumers. As a country trying to be part of the competitive business industry known internationally, Lazada helps Filipinos become familiar with the online edge that is e-commerce. As important as it is to maintain the conventional way of shopping, online shopping shoulders a lot of the expenses that stall owners have to consider each month.

Online shopping is not just a parody that people can call amateur because of the number of people it has helped. A lot of well-established entrepreneurs pay respect and recognition to the power that the internet has over billions of people taking into consideration that online selling has helped pick up their careers. So little known facts are laid out for readers on just how powerful online shopping can be on the lives of many. While others have the comfort of leaving their houses to purchase whatever item they need, some are not so lucky with the heavy load of work and responsibilities they have to prioritize above everything else. Online shopping promotes multi-tasking and not in the way most high school students use it to their advantage. Some people think it’s as easy as pie to get an online shop going but in reality, only a few really take it seriously enough to make it successful in revenues.


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