Lazada: New Found Love for Online Shopping

new found love

Have you ever tried buying clothes online that don’t fit you? I have, all the time. It always happens to me but still I just really want buying things online since it is very convenient and it saves a lot of time. Before I got really hooked on online shopping, I used to spend a lot of time going to the mall with my friends just to buy things. I don’t have that luxury anymore since I am already busy with work and at the same time I am raising a beautiful baby daughter. I gave birth five months ago, and honestly I have not yet lost all the pounds I gained when I was pregnant. I had a really hard time looking for clothes when I was still pregnant. It was really different from shopping normal clothes. Before I only have to consider the size of my clothes. But when you are pregnant you also need to consider comfort. After giving birth, I slowly went back on shopping normal clothes, and I already acquired the habit of also considering comfort as a huge factor as well.

Even before getting pregnant, I already had a hard time looking for an online shop that have the proper size labels. I am usually a small, but every time I buy clothes online, it is either too big or too small even if I buy them in the same online store. They have inconsistent sizes. But I still patronize online stores since it is time saving and very convenient, plus they have really cute and pretty stuff that does not exist on regular department stores or shops. After giving birth, I’m now sadly a medium size. I tried shopping in malls first just to make sure what is my new size, and then I went back on my online shopping. And as disappointing as my new size, I become more disappointed when they delivered my new clothes. None of them fit well.

As I was checking my Facebook account, I noticed a really cute ad by Lazada. I noticed that they have really cute shoes and clothes, so I tried to check out their products. As expected I ended up buying a 3 new clothes from them. As a new customer of their online store, I chose a pay through a cash-on-delivery payment because I also wanted to check if the clothes really fit me first. Unexpected as it is, with a new size and a new store, all the clothes I bought fit me very well. It was really a good experience buying from Lazada. Their employee that delivered my clothes are very courteous and nice, the clothes are very comfortable and are sized properly, and the mode of payment is very easy. These are the things I look for an online shop, and trust me I have tried tons.

Now that I found a new online store that tolerates my shopping addiction, I cannot be happier with my experience. It is easy, fun and the clothes are really nice.


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