Lazada Philippines: My online obsession

obsessionI am a fan of online shopping. I think in the world that we are living in now, getting dressed to go out, commuting to the nearest mall, let alone fighting with other commuters, finding the item that I want, lining up to purchase the item, waiting for the credit card to get accepted by the system, dealing with cashiers that have not had the best day, finally receiving the item without me being able to enjoy it in the comfort of my home right away, having to wait until I get home to try on what I just paid for, and going back home following the same commute routine scheme earlier of getting to the mall is just too tiring and time consuming for me. I believe in the saying “ work smart, not hard”, and by having to go to a mall, the effort in getting to a mall is just working too damn hard and not at all smart for me. With online shopping, the fastest I have been able to purchase an item was in 5 clicks! I mean who could go old-fashioned shopping in less than 10 minutes…? NO ONE! Well unless you’re the Flash..

My knowledge about online shopping started a little over 5 years ago. I thought then that it was already a really cool concept, but did not change my old habit of going to the mall and getting my item from there. I did not know I would be so hooked to it until last year when a friend of mine told me about this new online shopping website. She said that the makers of the website, Rocket Internet has been building online companies since 1999 and that Lazada is also present in Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia! This made me think right away that they must know what they are doing.  When I got home that night, I did my research right away! I don’t know what she put in my drink, but I caught myself doing research on Lazada right away when I got home. I saw tons of positive reviews on the website, which said that they were very satisfied with the products that the company is offering. They have easy payment terms and deliver right at the doorstep! I then checked out their website and saw how neat and well it was presented! Thought that this company knows how to do business, and they know how to do their business well!! From then on, they easily gained my trust!

That trust was put to test on my first purchase! That time, I was remodeling my bedroom and it was time for me to buy bed linen with matching pillowcases. I checked Lazada PH if they had these, and thankfully they do! It was so much easier for me to check out the designs I want and reject those I don’t by just being online. I don’t know, but that experience made me love online shopping! Much less hassle!! My quality linens and pillowcases came in after 3 days! I love them! Lazada has not broken my trust in the website since my first purchase! Hoping this relationship with Lazada continues ( I know it will! )

In my book, everyone should be doing shopping online!!


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