Lazada offers excellent payment package for Filipinos nationwide

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Lazada Philippines isn’t far from dethroning Ebay from being the No. 1 leading e-commerce website. If we’re talking present recognition, Lazada would sweep off the competition easily. As the Golden Globe Annual Award’s 2013’s Best Online Shopping Website, it has definitely succeeded with flying colors and I on the other hand have gotten my hands on a pot of gold. In the one year Lazada has been producing outstanding line ups of products day after day. It has consumed over millions in profits from numerous Filipinos nationwide. It has captivated the hearts of many not just solely because of its groundbreaking number of items for sale but also the service that comes along with each purchase. The latest of which is the Installment Payment Method under the Philippines’ leading bank, Banco De Oro. It is the most used payment method under the prestigious online website for reasons far more compelling than what is seems.

Banco De Oro has honored its customers who purchase from Lazada with a lengthy available time for payment. Customers can now avail of BDO’s monthly installments that can last up to 24 months or 2 years. BDO and Lazada users can choose the length of payment of their choice with a minimum requirement of P,3000 worth of purchases. In addition to this already wonderful deal, Lazada gives free delivery to all purchase worth P1,000 and beyond. Other services include a 14-day Return Policy that gives customers refunds and exchanges for default items whether it be of the wrong color or is malfunctioning and not in accordance with its descriptions.

But the BDO payment method isn’t all that is being raved about. The Philippines’ leading online consumer brand also have the payment method, Cash on Delivery that entitles customers to safe keeping of their money until expected delivery date of package. No prior financial engagements have to be accomplished besides the filing and submission of the order form. PayPal, MegaLink, MasterCard and VISA are four of the other choices which all types of customers can avail.

Online shopping has become more influential over the years and its payment methods like these that make such transactions attainable to all kinds of customers. With all of these options available for the choosing of each customer, more people will feel enlightened and secure with their purchases increasing the number of potential online buyers. Because of such high demands on diverse items nationwide, online stores have had more opening for such line of work making it possible for equal opportunities among Filipinos in terms of item purchases. How I hated being left out back in high school because Bataan had so little items available for sale. Now, online stores especially those delivering in all parts of the Philippines can get in the game without feeling left out. Thanks to LBC and 2GO, the two official partners of Lazada in shipping, Filipinos everywhere can be part of a generation whose lives revolve around the latest fads. Because let’s admit it, we all want what’s IN.


Lazada plays vital role in E-commerce industry as it continues to grow profoundly

Lazada plays vital roleLazada Philippines won over millions of Filipinos worldwide because of its impressive variety of products. The Philippines has finally paid more attention to the e-commerce industry.  It is a business that has been long evolving worldwide and very recently, in our area of Southeast Asia. Lazada has turned to our neighboring countries for the same amount of support like Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam. It currently holds the title as The Best Online Shopping Mall for 2013 bestowed by the honorable award-giving body, The Golden Globe Annual Awards. Following the footsteps of international e-commerce sensations like Ebay and Amazon, Rocket Internet, the brains behind Lazada and Zalora, saw an opportunity to expand in countries that for a long time have had misconceptions on the true purpose and effectiveness of online selling.

Lazada is the closest thing we have to an online shopping website with an international ranking. Setting aside all amateur websites published in different media social sites like Facebook, Tumblr, WordPress etc, we will be left with only a handful that can actually embody e-commerce in the truest sense of the word. Aside from the occasional good deals these inexperienced online shopping website owners offer, not a damn thing can put it in the same pedestal Lazada is currently at.

It’s the free delivery promo for all purchases above the minimum purchase of P100 that is definitely a favorite of many. As cheap as ‘less than a hundred’ sounds, it still adds to a certain extent a strain on one’s budget. Because no matter how little the worth is, the ideas is that you can always divert it to additional fund for buying something else you need. The modes of payments they give out also ring a bell to numerous online enthusiasts because its method, Cash on Delivery, is gaining outstanding reviews for the convenience it brings to the table. It is inevitable for a person to second guess a website’s sense of accountability. And for Filipinos who easily get swayed into thinking one think, this is a concern that should always be defined as top priority.

Its collection revolves around more than ten distinct categories that make the website a literal counterpart of a mall established on ground. Because of the well-collected selection, more people or enticed by the idea of shopping all their last minute shopping online. As the collections better, customers’ expectations heighten along with it. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing because more expectations require better product standards and customer service. These are the two factors that Lazada has been since its very first day of launch established to prioritize above everything else.

Because of the massive media attention it has been receiving, more people are discovering or finding about the secrets of many seemingly professional online shoppers. Its popularity has skyrocketed tremendously in only year. It becomes even clearer to me now just how accurate it is to call Lazada as one of the most talked about consumer brand on Facebook. A lot of Filipinos are finally joining in. Why don’t you?

Lazada: A Different Perspective on Online Shopping Sites

computer 101Keeping up with the much needed trends today can be very brutal. But no matter how exhausting social awkwardness can get, people still make an extra effort to be part of whatever movement is most talked about. It’s part of human nature to want to be involved if ever given the choice to. Online ventures are no different. It tries to possess a whole collection of merchandises/services that people will never grow old of or if by any chance they do, its goal is to repossess something that is of the interest of its market. And just like any cliques or form of lifestyle, there will always be a group that stands out and is used as basis also known as the Trendsetters. While others are trying to be part of the game and struggling for that matter, the Trendsetters freely practice what they do best and wait until the rest follows.

If the online selling sites were to be placed in a high school setup, trendsetters would include Amazon, Ebay, Lazada, etc. These stores for one thing possess such a wide range of items that usually makes a person popular in real life. And while these top guns make it a priority to try to stay on top, other stores try to climb its way up by selling exactly what the popular sites are selling. E-commerce websites compete in a popularity race where looks just don’t cut it anymore. If there was one title that would reign supreme in this online race, it would Mr/Ms Congeniality. Because how these stores handle its customers will decipher just how effective and reliable the popular crowd can be. It’s one thing to be popular but it’s a whole other story when you can still stay approachable and genuine at the same time.

Let’s take Lazada for example when looking at things at a local perspective. Questioning its popularity can be answered by its current ranking as the Best Online Shopping Mall for 2013. And its ability to relate to others and act on it can be observed with its strings of good deals and services. Amazon however is the top contender for online selling worldwide. Some even say that Lazada highly resembles the methods and nature of Amazon. I guess you can say that Lazada has won the hearts of millions and has earned its rightful place alongside international sites. Following Zalora’s successful release, Lazada an online store with less than two years of experience has become one of the most talked about consumer brands on Facebook attracting more diverse number of consumers.

Filipinos in this setup serve as the fans but instead of cheering them on, they buy merchandises as a sign of support and admiration to the site. The local e-commerce community including both the buyers and sellers are still trying to figure out ways to use each other to one’s advantage. And slowly but surely, the local market will be able to see how better things would get if understood and carried on properly.

A bright future ahead of Philippine E-commerce

bright future ahead

Not a lot of Filipinos have a clear cut understanding of what E-commerce is. Generally, people know e-commerce as a shortcut for electronic commerce. But that’s basically all they know about. People don’t know that there a lot of branches of technology that fall under E-commerce, online shopping included. The local e-commerce industry is on the rise and it’s all thanks to the various online establishments overhauling what was once seen as a fad to something professional and a source of good income.

Lazada Philippines is one of the many websites who have made online shopping very respectable. Its impact on the local online industry has made a mark so big that even the Golden Globe Annual Awards did not fail to recognize such accomplishment. Lazada is more than just your ordinary e-commerce website. The qualities of the services they provide outshine those that are offered in actual outlet stores. The variety and the collection they have all piled up online have become of the favorite go-to sites of many Filipinos nationwide. Even Filipinos working abroad have found ways of using this new form of technology to their advantage. A lot of overseas Filipino workers order their loved ones’ favorites online and instead of paying for expensive shipping costs, they instead ge their orders delivered straight to their families and friends’ homes. A pretty incredible improvement from what before strained many long distance relationships. Lovers living apart can stay in touch or can help remind each other of how much they love one another through random gift splurges that don’t necessarily have to cost thousands. Lazada has become a gateway for bettering relationships among many Filipinos.

Normally, online shopping is just another form of pastime online. But today, it’s taken more seriously and become an answer to many troubled errands. Since everyone is always online, why not take this opportunity to become productive at the same time? Thanks to the wonders of the internet, Filipinos can purchase last minute necessities with a click of a button and tick off a number of responsibilities without the hassle of going out of your normal route to go to the mall.

Lazada is owned by a very powerful and influential online building company primarily located at Germany called Rocket Internet. This online venture building company is also the brain behind Zalora’s success which sparked the idea of establishing the Philippines’ very own version of Lazada. As one of the most talked about consumer brand on Facebook here in the Philippines, its impact on many online buyers have become phenomenal therefore increasing the profit the company gains on an daily basis. For a company only in existence for a year, only great things can be expected of the said online shop in the years to come. Something I am personally looking forward to especially after big companies such as J.P. Morgan invested on the growth of the said company. This has been a good year for the e-commerce industry and in time this said market will dominate the Philippine market.

Lazada measures up to the general standard and exceeds all expectations


A good online website is most often than not measured by the number of people you hear raving about it. But publicity isn’t always good publicity. If you base your standards on what you mostly hear about then chances are you overlook the kinds of sites with more potential. Because let’s admit it, we want the good quality stores with good priced items all to ourselves. But I’ll tell you a secret that has been acknowledged by the majority but has not made as much buzz as how Facebook was talked about.

When someone asks you what the best online shopping mall is, what first comes to mind? Ebay? Amazon? Well, those are good answers but technically, those are not centered on the Filipino audience. Lazada puts its own spin to the concept of online shopping by creating an avenue specifically made for aspiring online sellers whether already established or just starting out here in the Philippines. Under the expert hands of online venture builder, Rocket Internet, Lazada highlighted the phrase ‘Best Online Shopping website’ in more ways than one. After being recognized by the well-respected awarding body, the Golden Globe Annual Awards, Lazada broke out of its comfort zone and entered an area Filipinos have been long deprived of. Quality online shopping at its best offered exclusively at Lazada Philippines. After Zalora’s successful fashion launch in the Philippines, Rocket Internet took hold of this opportunity that kickstarted Lazada’s growing success.

Starting from the number of products they sell, this online shopping site created an online selection never before seen in other sites. Items were priced down while the rest that were not remained reasonably priced. They have website features including a search bar with well-detailed keywords and a well-rounded site interface. The services and the promos it offers are just as good backed up by services like the 14-day Return Policy, Payment Methods, Delivery Rates, Service Centers and many more. The 14-day Return Policy is self-explanatory. Customers have up to 14 days to file for a return form and get it shipped back to the warehouse to stay eligible for a full refund or exchange. The Payment Method comes in five options namely Cash on Delivery, PayPal, MegaLink, BDO installments and credit card payments (VISA or MasterCard). The delivery rates are fixed. P55 is charged to all deliveries made within Metro Manila while other shipments outside Metro Manila are charged P99. But these rates only apply to purchases below P1000. Otherwise, deliveries are deemed free of charge. Service Centers are Lazada’s way of disseminating and acknowledging concerns nationwide. Since they perform deliveries all over the country, it has become essential that they mark locations customers can easily address their concerns to without having to fly to the website’s main office in Makati.

These are just few of the many reasons Lazada has become very popular to many online shoppers. Ideally, Filipinos wait for end of the season sales. But with Lazada’s grand sales each week, this most-awaited time of the month has become overrated.

Lazada’s processing of transactions gets even better

Z truckLet us go over the present methods of payments available in Lazada that hopefully more local sites will learn to embrace to further make online shopping convenient to Filipinos everywhere.

The first method of payment available to Filipinos is Cash On Delivery more popularly known as plain COD. This method is enjoyed by buyers who put a limit to the kind of information they give out. COD does not require submission of any kind of account details since the actual payment takes place during delivery. Customers hand over the payment directly to the delivery provider standing on their doorstep that can be a representative of either LBC or 2GO, both official partners of Lazada. Credit Card payments is another very popular and familiar mode of transaction, is also available as long as the card being used is under VISA or MASTERCARD. It is not uncommon for Filipinos to pay in installments. Some of them are even willing to pay for interest just to be able to divide the load of payment in equal monthly installments. Banco De Oro, one of the leading banks in the Philippines in partnership with Lazada makes paying a lot more convenient with its monthly installment promo. Payments amounting to P3000 and above can pay in installments for up to 24 months or 2 years depending on the customer’s preference. The said installments have 0% interest making it one of the favorites out of the five available modes of payments in Lazada. MegaLink is used mostly by those with debit cards and is now also available in Lazada. PayPal, one of the most recognized forms of payments worldwide has now also been embraced by the said online website to make room for more customers.

It has become an unspoken expectation by many Filipinos to find websites what very convenient methods of payments. After all, there is always the other option of driving to the mall to buy so having a very inconvenient form of processing transactions online contradict the very purpose of online selling’s existence.

All items ordered are subject to being processed for a return for whatever reason it may be. Valid reasons for return include malfunctioning, wrong description, defects and get this, changing of one’s mind. There are many more legitimate reasons for an item to eligible for either a refund or an exchange. This said list can be found on the website. As long as all necessary requirements stay intact including the return being done within 14 days from the day it was received, chances of the return request being approved is very likely. The return can be done personally or if not can be made through the services of either LBC or 2GO (official partner). Once the item is approved for return, the initial expense of getting it delivered will be refunded as well. I don’t know about you but any website willing to exchange my item for reason as shallow as changing one’s mind surely gets three thumbs up from me.

Lazada’s services intensifies customer relationship

Lazada's servicesYou don’t have to be an online wiz to get the latest and best updates on all things online. You especially don’t have to be a good bargainer to get some good priced deals from Lazada Philippines. Out of over 20, 000 products sold in Lazada, thousands of the products sold here every day are put in the market for lower prices making everyday a day to be grateful for. You won’t hear this about the majority of online sites headlining in various media outlets. Lazada is considerably one of the most powerful online sites in the Philippines today with the massive number of buyers it attracts every second of the day. The traffic it receives on a regular day outnumbers other sites by thousands and how can it not? The quality of the promos it produces is not merely limited to the season, event or date. This influential online site treats everyday a holiday, which makes every visit worthwhile.  No dull moments when you’re trying to find something nice to buy for a special someone on a budget!

For an online shopping mall that has only been in existence for a little over a year, it truly inspires me to see that late bloomers can still rise above all of its competition with good service. Don’t get me wrong, Lazada is just one of the many online sites Rocket Internet has ventured into. But as far as its exposure to the local scene here in the Philippines, it is by far one of the freshest online sites that sells the amount of products it does. It carries products that a 1-year old child would need to a type of skin product a 40-year old woman would want to try out. The range of customers it is able to attract is outstanding and until now, it continues to surprise me given how very little attention they pay to market the website offline.

It goes without saying that online sites can only retain the number of followers, fans or buyers it currently has through consistency. But regardless of how apparent this fact is, not all online websites are able to instill this in the kinds of services they can offer or provide. As a result, online shopping malls that give much emphasis to this end up stronger and better than the rest. Online sellers have the potential to win big in terms of the audience they can reach out to. But only a few of the thousands that make this a goal keep their eye on the big picture. Lazada being owned by a powerful empire such as Rocket Internet that since its early years of the start of the millennium have made it its lifelong pact to create and establish well-respected online ventures continued such excellency in the presence of Filipino buyers. Thanks to the number of investors it gained over the past month, Lazada has been given more opportunity to widen its horizon and reach out to more people through more diverse product options.