A rush of excitement from Lazada

a rush of excitement

Lazada Philippines though foreign to some isn’t new to the e-commerce scene. It has established numerous versions in other countries in Southeast Asia like Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam that make it an expert to the said field. Also, it isn’t the only online venture in the Philippines under Rocket Internet. It also spearheaded the launch of Zalora Philippines, an online consignment store specifically made for clothes and OfficeFab, a known vendor for office supplies.

It all started in February of 2012. Lazada was introduced as the biggest online seller of gadgets, clothes, beauty products, sports apparel, furniture etc. following the footsteps of popular worldwide websites like Ebay and Amazon. Though the launch was made on February of last year, the Philippines’ online shopping mall as it would call itself celebrated its anniversary on April 4 of this year. In effect, it held multiple contests to return the favor to its loyal customers.

Like any start-up company online, Lazada experienced negative reviews targeting the quality of its service. But no said violent reactions stopped it from winning over millions of Filipinos’ hearts making it the most talked about consumer brand on Facebook. It gained over a million likes beating companies that have been working for more than a decade. Its success even caught the attention of the popular Golden Globe Annual Awards committee that paved way to its first Best Online Shopping Mall award this year.

Most of its merit comes from its impeccable and well-received customer service. It aims to provide 100% customer satisfaction derived from different forms of services like product pricing, shipments, product returns, payment methods and service centers. Its popularity became undeniable after being featured to numeroud media outlets and channels including ABS-CBN and GMA-7, two of the most influential networks in the Philippines today, Adobo Magazine, Mega Magazine, The Philippine Daily Inquirer, Business World and the Manila Times.Net. But who wouldn’t be drawn to its charm having products from various popular brands like Apple, Samsung, FujiFilm, Canon, Hugo Boss, L’Oreal, Sony and many more. All the products sold on site are available for delivery anywhere in the Philippines with corresponding fixed rates. For purchases with a minimum worth of P1000, delivery services are given for free.

Rocket Internet as been praised profusely for the number of successful online ventures it has created all over the world including Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America. But its venture in the Philippines helped make its mark to our local community. The massive impact it created has helped change the way a lot of Filipinos view online selling. It has become more of a necessity that a form of leisurely pastime, a reputation that the e-commerce industry has desperately tried to instill in the minds of Filipinos everywhere. All this was obtained in less than a year from the birth of Lazada’s very first featured promo. And with the success and progress it is experiencing now, it is uncertain up to what extent our favorite shopping mall can go in serving us the best of what is out there.




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