Lazada provides convenient payment options to all types of customers

all types of customersPayments have never been so convenient until Lazada came into existence. A feature that the online shop prides on. Its methods for payment are molded around what Filipino buyers are most comfortable with. It doesn’t sway away with tradition sticking with the general forms of payment like via credit card or with cash. Let’s try to dissect each and in the process figure out what method of payments suits you most.

CASH ON DELIVERY is closely related to the most common method of payment made in shopping malls. Like over the counter transactions, cash on delivery or COD occurs only during the delivery itself. A customer orders online filling out all necessary information before submitting. But the payment only takes place when the product is on the customer’s doorstep or is to be handed over. It’s a lot like paying in front of a cashier. There are no hidden charges or any initial payments required to accomplish online orders. Customers who do not own any type of credit card best use this type of method or those who find comfort in the idea of only paying in full or releasing money once the item is on hand.

CREDIT CARD payment users must be credit holders of either VISA or Mastercard to be able to avail such method. Most often than not, identification in any form that is government recognized are needed to validate credit card use. Instead of the usual swiping that occurs on a normal shopping spree, credit card details are entertained in a form of sheet where account information are filled out and submitted for completion of online transaction.  The card number or other information vital to be kept private is protected by encryptions monitored by companies that are expert at online security systems. This type of method will be most useful for customers who prefer paying on credit instead of cash. Normally, mothers who are financially dependent on their husbands choose this over Lazada’s other payment options.

The most popular payment option next to COD, which was so popular in the first few months of Lazada, is Banco De Oro’s Installment promo. This method allows up to 2 years of installment payments. However this method is not available to all kinds of buyers. A minimum of P3,000 worth of purchases should be observed before being able to avail of such method. This method is advisable to users on a budget and only relies on solely monthly income to cover their debts. This way, the buyer can invest on items in an instant and distribute the payment to a number of months convenient to them without making permanent damage on their monthly checks.

MEGALINK and PAYPAL are other payment options available for selected customers who require having accounts under either the two to be able to make use of it in Lazada. These two are not very common in local online sites but to make room for all types of customers, these two other options are provided for everyone’s convenience.




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