Lazada: An impressive start

Good start

Some businesses measure its success by the amount of twitter followers or tweets it gets or generally how popular it is able to make itself seem. Some determine it by the overall return of investment by the end of each year, which I personally think is the most professional way of objectifying success. But some businesses are lucky to be able possess both popularity and sales. And to be able to win over such a huge following after only a few months since the business started? It’s not always certain that popularity translates to number of sales. But this isn’t unheard of in terms of business histories. Lazada, particularly the version in the Philippines is a very popular online store for creating such huge buzz in so little time. Lazada Philippines has counterparts in other parts of Southeast Asia like Vietnam and Indonesia but the most relevant to someone like me (I’m pinoy!) is obviously Lazada. If I am not mistaken, it’s the only Lazada region that has its very own Wikipedia page! Contrary to popular belief, it’s not as easy as it seems to put up a legitimate page. A lot of time and effort goes into suggesting the popular online encyclopedia to publish something. A suggested title goes through multiple screanings to ensure legitimacy. And with the number of good review Lazada has had in the past few months, it just seems logical to finally have a page of its own in a website that has a worldwide scale of audience.

A couple of months ago, it became official. Lazada has survived a year of online competition in the Philippines not just settling to average numbers but also actually excelling in popular and sales. Of course, no huge accomplishments go unnoticed as the popular online store was given recognition by the Annual Golden Globe Awards for being the ‘Best Online Shopping Mall of 2013”. A very impressive milestone for a website so young and so little exposure to the local e-commerce market. An honor companies that have existed for decades now only received years after.  Electric Commerce has gained so much respect in the past few years that Lazada’s launch only strengthen its ridiculous number of good feedbacks. It aims to please hoping to provide complete customer satisfaction in all aspects of the services it provides.  Discovering the endless potential that e-commerce can offer to Filipinos everywhere even abroad gives Filipinos an ounce of hope for inevitable progress. The economy struggles to elevate the quality of other form of businesses in the Philippines. But E-commerce is an exception to this seemingly daunting reality. It has greatly improved its impression to all types of social classes making it one of the most reliable tools in the Internet today. This fact can be highly observed in the wide range of customers Lazada gives service to on a daily basis. Its selection of more than 20,000 products has given so many varieties for all type of online consumers chooses from. This makes it an even more functional and beneficial shopping destination. An image a lot of businesses have so badly been wanted that only took a year for Lazada to attain.


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