My profile on Lazda Philippines

reputationIt’s not yet too late to jump to the online wagon! If you’re still second guessing yourself to whether or not online shopping is worth a shot, don’t. What’s the harm in trying? It’s not a plague that will eat you up at the end of a purchase. Unless of course you come from one of those traditional families who think everything extraordinary is the work of Satan. That’s such a bad interpretation.

Rocket Internet jumpstarts another venture in the Philippines with Lazada. An online shopping website dedicated to giving a wide array of choices for all types of consumers. As of the moment, it has four different counterparts in Southeast Asia including Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia. It was primarily made to provide an excellent collection for all gadget enthusiasts. But as it progressed, more and more people took notice of its other categories that served just as good options. It currently ranks as the Best Online Shopping Mall for 2013” in the Golden Globe Annual Awards. It is an honor that not a lot of amateur online shops (in terms of tenure) can get in a span of only a little more than a year. But how can it not get so much good appraisal from various award-winning given bodies after offering a number of outrageous promos. Its promos were especially highlighted during the Christmas season of last year and its anniversary in May of this year. Apart from it monstrous sales, it is known for its good set of services that all customers can receive.

If monthly installments up to two years for just a minimum of P3,000 doesn’t make you want to try out online shopping then I doubt you’ll ever come around to doing it. Don’t let good deals pass just because you’re scared to try something new. Our generation is pacing very fast. Progress is becoming very common in the vocabulary of many and before we know it, everything will be available online. I actually think everything already is but with the internet, you never really know what else is missing and can possibly come to existence in the near future.

Lazada doesn’t toy around the word ‘service’. It gives so much stress on the fact that they aim to provide a hundred percent rate in customer satisfactory. I still think the promos are the best edge of Lazada among its competitions but there are a lot more features in the said website that make it very unique and convenient to use. The products they sell are top of the line and are proven to be the best of the best. But best doesn’t always mean expensive. That’s something Lazada has made obvious a long time ago. Discounts up to 90% are given away to lucky and selected buyers. And the items aren’t your ordinary items. They’re not put on sale because these are the items normally overlooked and normally, no one wants to see. These are the latest products and the best sellers. Good deals don’t just come in small packages anymore. And it’s about time it didn’t.


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