Lazada: Ignorance is expensive

ignorance is expensive

It’s always the paying part that ruins a perfectly good shopping experience. But we all know you won’t get your hands on the item of your choice if you don’t undergo the payment method. It’s bittersweet, as some would refer to it. Understanding the options for payment can help you lessen the load though. Some payment methods give out discounts that let customers pay less. A good example of this is installment promos with 0% discount. Now that stretches out your time to pay. This is good for appliances that cost a lot more than your projected budget.

As sufficient as it seems, information about methods of payments plastered on cardboard stands on top of the cashier table isn’t enough. There’s always something they’re not publicizing. For instance, I went to Topshop during their recent sale. My brother just bought a watch that syncs with his phone from Power Mac (I forgot what it’s called but I think it’s something related to a bird. Cookoo watch?). He said BDO was offering a Buy Now, Pay Later promo where customers can pay after two months from the day of purchase. My brother insisted I do the same so I asked the woman in-charge in Topshop. She said there was no such promo and it was only when I asked about existing installment promos that they mentioned the BPI 3-month installment for a minimum purchase. So as much as you think the store of your choice is transparent, research still gets you a long way. What’s a little effort in exchange for lower priced items?

If you’ve ever tried buying from Lazada, an online mall, you would know perfectly well that it prides itself on affordability and quality. But what some customers fail to pay attention to is the transparency of the methods of payments as well as its convenience. As of the moment, it makes use of five payment methods varying from cash based payments to credit transactions. Either way, customers are sure to find something perfect for them. Cash on Delivery or COD is a good method choice for customers that are apprehensive about giving out personal account information. It is the only method of payment that accepts direct payment in cash. The payment process transpires during the actual delivery. It’s a very considerate mode of payment because customers can reserve items they like today and have tomorrow or a few more days to collect funds for payment. The rest of the methods Lazada has are credit centered. Credit card payments under either VISA or MASTERCARD are available just like in any other stores whether online or offline. An installment method up to two years is also available powered by Banco De Oro. This is the most common method I use besides COD. MegaLink and PayPal are probably the two least familiar modes of payments for you. But these are basically personal accounts as well that you direct payments to. You would see just how much you don’t know about available methods when you don’t take time off to research. Don’t be ignorant about possible perks you can avail. Start asking your favorite store clerks and discover more.



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