Lazada Philippines follows launch and success of counterparts from Southeast Asia

southeast asia

Lazada Philippines is fast growing and is making a mark like no other online e-commerce sites have done before. Some say it’s our very own local version of Amazon while others say it is its own original version. No matter how people see it, how others perceive it isn’t slowing it down in any way. There are multiple ways to go shopping now. Even cellular phones have apps to update you of the latest sales. Lazada grabbed this form of media and used it to their advantage by launching their site’s very own mobile version.

If you take a look at the collection it currently holds, you’ll be surprised by how many few people know about the said online website. Under the management of Rocket Internet, a world renowned online builder of online websites, its progress as an online store is bound to gain more follower in the months to come. Rocket Internet is owned by three individuals under the powerful last name, Samwer. They have other ventures in the Philippines to date called Zalora (known for their extensive collection in Fashion) and Office Fab (dedicated to office supplies). Lazada has other offices in other regions in Southeast Asia including Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. It held the title of most talked about consumer brand on Facebook Philippines. It is currently the title holder of the Golden Globe Annual Awards for Best Online Shopping Mall for 2013.

Things were a lot simpler back then which is why I don’t blame my parents for thinking this generation has greatly swayed away from tradition and jumped over to a world that sees no value in personal encounters or efforts. But coming from this generation is something I’m very grateful for. Because with the amount of responsibilities I have to juggle, I can’t imagine doing all of it without the help of technology. Of course I know how much Filipinos have grown lazy but my reasons for relying on technology isn’t out of sloth. It’s about fulfilling everything that has to be done on time and not allowing myself to be left unaccomplished. Perks of the internet including online shopping helps me do that. I won’t get into the boring details of how it helps but my line of work requires a lot of furnishing and Lazada sells a lot of the products I normally need. Their Home & Living and Home Appliances section consists of various brands and different nature of items.

Another thing that I like about Lazada is the number of employment it introduced to the local scene especially line of works that are in relation to anything online. I know very little about online selling or the kinds of jobs involved in such but I know for a fact that it doesn’t take an amateur to make this type of industry flourish. Lazada is a whole new stepping stone to making the Philippines a more progressive country both in offline and online marketing. Despite how many people disagree to the whole kind of industry online selling proposes, the number of people it helps still outnumbers the number of people who doubt its potential.


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