Lazada: All We Need is to Get a Little Creative

get a little creativeAll we need is to get a little creative. When talking about innovation, I am very proud to say that our country would not let me down. A few years ago, voting in the Philippines became more modern and efficient like how other countries have done through time in the method of electronic counting. That simple innovation made me realize that there are other things that our technology had advanced to. We are able to experience different trends that only rich countries could experience. One of these advancements is the presence of the power of the internet.

 The internet made our lives a little bit easier, enabling people to do more in easier means and a shorter period of time. Ask anyone everyday how often they use the internet in their daily lives, and chances are they use the internet more than the time they use for doing normal things like watching the tv or studying. But everything is posible now with just one click. I can talk to anyone who’s a million miles away from me, I can research on everything I want to learn about, I can even do my banking over my computer, and I can even shop with it even if I can not physically see the products I want to purchase. Or I can do all of these at the same time. The internet is like the extensions of our brain and hands. We are able to do tidious tasks in flash without physically straining ourselves. These simple possibilities made our lives easier and more efficient.

When talking bout online activities and trends, online shopping is probably the most common activity that people do. Online shopping is one of the creative things the internet could offer. Sellers could come up with ideas and products that could reach anyone. Therefore making it one of the greatest innovations man had made in this century. Many online shops had flourished these days, and Lazada puts our country in the map, competing with international companies like Amazon and eBay. Lazada made online shopping possible to enjoy for the Filipinos. Even if there are marketplace shops around, Lazada is one of the most organized and simple online shopping sites available here in the Philippines. They provide what we usually buy on a daily basis, and a wide variety of product line could be found in their site.

Innovation could be found in anything we are looking right now. It could be the building we are living in, it could be the computer I am using right now, or even the fork I use to eat my pasta. It could really be anything right now, given the endless possibilities the humans had cracked through time. But what culd really innovation mean? It could be positve or negative for some, but I find the internet to be one of the most important inventions in these century. It is because we live our lives in it. You may not see it now, but all you need to be is a little creative to see what it has in store for us in the future.


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