An unorthodox form of shopping with Lazada

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The installment of Lazada in the Philippines isn’t really as new to the concept of online shopping as some people think. Lazada Philippines has counterparts in other parts of Southeast Asia and is part of a big online venture building family called Rocket Internet. Rocket Internet has more than 50 successful online ventures all over the world and Lazada is just one of three online ventures they have already put up in the Philippines. Fashionista’s favorite online clothing store Zalora is actually affiliated with Lazada as well as Office Fab which focuses more on the business side by selling equipment and furniture for office use.

Filipinos are trying their best to be at par with the very competitive countries surrounding our area. E-commerce can help elevate our status by getting social recognition for the success it has accomplished that has been long overdue.

Lazada helped enlighten Filipino consumers the endless possibilities online selling can create. Employment specifically played a big part in the rave reviews of the said online shop. It provided jobs for various Filipino online enthusiasts. These said enthusiasts were then surrounded by computer veterans all over the world from the different regions of Rocket Internet.

We don’t have forever to accomplish what we like or get what we want. Someday, we have to increase our pace because our lives can be taken anytime from us. Online shopping makes us accomplish a lot of errands all at once. And Filipinos instead of criticizing the progress of technology should see the silver lining of this development.

Lazada reached out to millions of Filipinos who lacked in resources but had every intention of buying products they just thought would never be made available in their location. A lot of mothers and teenagers all over Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao now have the opportunity to purchase whatever they like without letting their area be a hindrance to such desire. As lowly as other people think of online shopping, it has helped make the lives of many Filipinos a lot more manageable. Online shopping isn’t just an excuse to dodge the responsibility of going to the mall or just so they can stay at home. It’s a form of technology that can enable time management in the best way they can.

Why shy away from something that can possibly become a source of solution for many? Not everything far from what is conventional is a lure to the wrong system. A lot of Filipinos gain so much more than just material things with the help of a website such as Lazada. It promotes time management, innovation, and most importantly, it gives Filipinos the chance to express themselves through the merchandises they purchase. A lot of Filipinos even build their very own online stores and in return are able to feed their families without having to shell out large amounts of money for capital that may never come back. Understanding E-commerce isn’t hard as long as you have every intention of welcoming its purpose.


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