Lazada, A follow up venture from Rocket Internet

followupLazada is one out of the three online selling ventures of Rocket Internet in the Philippines. The two being Zalora, an online fashon site dedicated to provide all things related to fashion and Office Fab, an online store that caters to office equipments. It also has Lazada regions in Vietnam, Malaysia, etc. It focuses on gadgets primarily but also has selections for other types of products like toys, appliances, books and many more. It currently holds more than 20,000 items from different brands and was able to possess so much sponsors in less than a year. It’s 2013’s Best Online Shopping Mall according to the the Golden Globe Annual Awards. It was also the most talked about consumer brand on Facebook during its month long anniversary.

While others go through all the hassle of driving to the mall, other people have discovered the convenience of online shopping and have opted to access the internet for things they might need instead. People overlook the great advantage the internet brings which includes less costly expenses when it comes to shopping. Not only does online shopping eliminate the need for gas money or public transportation fares, most items put online are also normally less cheaper. There are overwhelming number of promos and discounts put up everyday by various online shops and Lazada leads this race by thousands of hits.

It has great payment deals inclusing a two year long installment program brought to us by Banco De Oro (BDO). It also allows PayPal payments which is the most observed payment method worldwide. Its deliveries have fixed rates of P55 and P99 for inside metro manila and outside metro manila shipments respectively. Customers are given up to two weeks to return items that might be of the wrong color or does not follow the description that was provided on the item when it was ordered. There is a long list of possible reasons for returns and all these can be found on the website for easy customer access. It is also possible for customers to acquire warranties up to two years depending on the item of their choice.

Rocket Internet has spearheaded numerous online selling websites and Lazada isn’t far from the success of the other ventures Rocket Internet has launched. Besides the outstanding number of investors Lazada has been getting, online loyal customers have also shown support through newsletter registration that in return give out vouchers for customers to dispose of whenever they feel like it. With the success and rave reviews Lazada has been getting, its success is bound to influence the rest of the potential online buying market in the Philippines. Its nationwide delivery makes it ideal for Filipinos to make use of it so everyone can gain access to the same kinds of products without their location being used as a disadvantage. Filipinos love everything that makes things easier for them and as long as Lazada maintains the type of customer service they now have, Filipinos everywhere will learn about it and will have no problem suggesting it to their friends through word of mouth.


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