Excellent service brought to us by Lazada PH

excellent serviceLazada — The Philippines’ Online Shopping Mall isn’t just your ordinary online store. Just like it claims in its slogan, the Philippines is looking at one of the most influential e-commerce sites in the Philippines today. Lazada doesn’t need the title it currently carries now (Golden Globe Annual Awards’ Best Online Shopping Site for 2013) to be able to uphold its respected reputation. It has a set of standards it follows that makes Lazada Philippines along with Rocket Internet’s other local ventures (Zalora & Office Fab) top runners in the game of e-commerce.

Its edge?

Lazada sells more than 20,000 items that covers items from technological devices which the site is most known for to books and furniture. Its wide selection sponsors brands like Apple, Samsung, The Body Shop, Marvel and many more. This serves as one effective marketing tool for many suppliers aspiring to tap customers from all parts of the Philippines. If you have yet to see the well-rounded selections Lazada has, then you’ll probably be surprised how it even has room for clothing and music.

A lot of online stores are choosing to focus on one specific line of merchandises. Not that there is anything wrong with that. But online stores that expand their item choices have higher chances of selling more because a wider audience can be reeled in. Given that mindset, Lazada’s potential is considerably one of the most likely sites to earn millions in revenue.

Do not underestimate the potential of online stores in terms of impact im the economy. Given so many investors willing to fund so many online projects, there are more chances for growth in online selling. Filipino consumers in return can purchase their valuables in a more convenient manner. Online Shoppers can enjoy the comfort of their homes by getting their items delivered to their houses with a simple click of a button.

Convenience is such a strong word and can be very subjective. A person has his or her own needs. Their definition is dependent on what they feel will be of help to their lifestyle. Lazada’s goal of giving 100% customer satisfaction therefore becomes a lot harder to make possible. Because of this ambitious goal, the website created seevices and policies to give justice to their company goal. Payment Methods, Return Policies, Delivery processes and many or have more options available that customers can choose from. For modes of payment, installment, credit card payments, cash on delivery etc are available for customers to choose from. Unlike so many online selling  websites, Lazada makes customer concerns top priority through their return policy. The said policy even accommodates items that are being returned just because the customer changes his or her mind provided the condition is still new of course. Customers have 14 days to observe the item they ordered and within the said span of time can get refunds or replacements if the items pass validation. Online customer service have greatly improved over the years. Filipinos can start taking advantage of these perks by registering to the site’s newsletters that automatically give away a voucher that can be consumed anytime.


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