A Worry-free Solution

worry-free solution

I have always wanted to try online shopping ever sinc it became a fad about three years ago, but I have always been skeptical about the payment terms that were allowed in transactions they offer. There are so many things like clothes and devices that you could only see and buy in online stores and social media sites. That is mainly my reason why I wanted to buy so many things online. I want products that only a few people could buy since it is not sold ordinarily in malls and shops. In a way I feel that it would be uniquely mine because there are only few people who has that product. There are so many products that would amaze you. Many of them are shipped and are hard to find.

Last week I wanted to buy a case with a built in charger for my iPhone. I bacame more and more frustrated with my phone because at the end of the day after work, I want to use it for different purposes like listening to music or playing games. Everytime I am about to use it, my battery is already too low for me to fully enjoy my apps. So I declared fora manhunt for the best battery case that fits my lifestyle and personality. I have tried looking in malls, but I find them too pricey since I have asked around what would be the ideal price for it. I also find them too generic or boring, no design really got my attention. I wanted something sleek and simple. I have also tried looking on Facebook shops, but I find them too preppy for me. I still want my phone to still look presentable enough for work.

Days come by and I haven’t still found anything yet. I searched for best online stores in the Philippines and my search linked me to a site called Lazada. As I searched for the case, a simple black case took my attention right away. I want to buy it already but once again I got skeptical about the payment method of depositing on a bank or a convenience store. I also don’t want to use my credit card since I am scared of being a victim of fraud or mischarging of bills. So as I clicked on the payment methods, I found out that they offered a Cash on Delivery payment method. It says in the site that I would only pay for the item after the delivery has been done. I was really relieved that finally I don’t have to worry about where my money goes.

After two days from buying it online, an agent from Lazada delivered my case. It was how I imagined it. I paid him the price of the case and I was really satisfied with my item and their service. But most of all, I was really happy about their cash on delivery payment terms. I will surely buy more products from them. Now, I feel like I would never have to be afraid about my money when buying in online stores.


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