Lazada: Filipino’s Virtual Sanctuary

virtual sanctuaryA new approach to shopping for today’s generation is online. And it doesn’t come as a surprise because of the massive impact the internet has had on every one of us no matter how young or old we are. Lazada Philippines has greatly served as one of the Philippines’ most influential local ecommerce website. In the past few months, it has garnered critical acclaims, won over numerous investors, received billions in funds and expanded its product collection massively. These achievements helped tremendously in making them an even better stopover for all online shopaholics out there. Its owner, Rocket Internet, who pioneered Lazada in Southeast Asia has made such an astounding impact in the lives of many e-commerce shoppers through its continuous effort to create unique online ventures. Through its diverse number of online shops running all at the same time, it was able to influence and help billions of people in living their lives effortlessly. With over 50 online ventures successful worldwide, Rocket Internet has made relationships internationally that are expected to last for a very long time.

Lazada is known for its undeniable good selection of gadgets and gizmos. For techies, this is probably considered as one of their virtual sanctuaries. And why wouldn’t they? Filipinos on a budget who are thinking of getting an iPad or a Tablet but doesn’t have the money to make it happen can get something just as efficient with less cost. Lazada is big on the promos and when it comes to having the best discounted goodies, this online shopping sensation reek cheap (in a good way). But not without ensuring its customers of good quality products that are given a fixed ‘warranty’ of up to fourteen days. Customers are given a free pass of up to two weeks to return any of their orders under valid grounds. But unlike in other websites, Lazada’s condition are a lot more lenient that you can even return your item for simply just changing your mind just as long as the condition of the item is brand new. If you have the extra cash for it, you can even extend your manufacturer’s warranty for up to two years to help guarantee the effectivity and condition of your order.

Creating an impact is one thing but maintaining it after so many other types of companies evolved (after you did from the same industry) can be very challenging and sometimes even frustrating. Under the circumstances given to Filipinos who easily grow tired of a fad after a couple of months or even worse days, some online websites go to extremes of making sure they provide excellent customer service making it sometimes seem that its interests are set aside. The promos and policies Lazada impress thousand of Filipinos worldwide everyday as they find more ways to improve their already well-made website. From their 12 Days of Christmas to their End of the Season Sales, Lazada has made its mark in the minds of many Filipino online buyers as one of the best discount online stores in the market today.


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