The family that shops together, stays together

shops together,stays together

I can’t help but feel a little obliged after all the spending that has been happening at home. Since my dad got home, me and my two other younger sisters would not stop yapping about going shopping online. My dad gave us e-commerce cards from BDO with a limit of course. He told us we could go buy whatever we want provided that we don’t go over our respective limits that are dependent on our age. It was his way of making up for being away so much most especially during our birthdays. Our mom died when I was 8. My two sisters were too young to remember anything really especially Tina. Mom died a few hours after she was delivered. As a way to compensate for my mom’s lost, my dad had to double his efforts at work, which we never took against him. Our grandparents served as our legal guardians whenever dad would be away on a business trip.

Very recently, our dad bought me and my sisters clothes from his trip to Guatemala. As much as we wanted to pretend that they were gorgeous, we couldn’t. My dad still had the image of us three running around in our favorite jammies that it would forever slip his mind that I’m almost graduating college and my other sisters are not far behind in terms of their sense of fashion. Being the eldest, I cracked a joke making my dad feel a bit comfortable. We told him that he didn’t have to try so hard on the women’s department because we were all doing fine figuring our own personalities individually. Hence, the card that changed the days and nights at the De guzman househould. Day in and day out, my sisters and I would haggle for good clothes online.

My sisters and I couldn’t be any different in terms of our style. There would only be a couple of things we would all buy like the skater skirt I found from Lazada for only P400. Usually skirts in that style retail at P600 and above, sometimes even a lot higher depending on the brand. We also bought matching boots for the rainy season from Corners to help us get past from our house to the closest bus stop. Majority of what I bought revolved around blazers and high-waisted pants.

I have to hand it to my dad, though. Not a lot of fathers would do what he did considering it involved giving his children access to money that required no parental supervision. I mean, I guess it’s understandable on my part since I’m in college but for Tina, it’s a bit of a risk. Online shopping is actually a pretty good idea for fathers who are clueless about what to buy their children but have every intention of getting them something. As long as the items bought are kept legal and PG, I don’t think parents have anything to worry about. Besides, every item that steps in your house would have to be informed to you after anyway. Whether your children like it or not, you are bound to find out.


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