A bright future ahead of Philippine E-commerce

bright future ahead

Not a lot of Filipinos have a clear cut understanding of what E-commerce is. Generally, people know e-commerce as a shortcut for electronic commerce. But that’s basically all they know about. People don’t know that there a lot of branches of technology that fall under E-commerce, online shopping included. The local e-commerce industry is on the rise and it’s all thanks to the various online establishments overhauling what was once seen as a fad to something professional and a source of good income.

Lazada Philippines is one of the many websites who have made online shopping very respectable. Its impact on the local online industry has made a mark so big that even the Golden Globe Annual Awards did not fail to recognize such accomplishment. Lazada is more than just your ordinary e-commerce website. The qualities of the services they provide outshine those that are offered in actual outlet stores. The variety and the collection they have all piled up online have become of the favorite go-to sites of many Filipinos nationwide. Even Filipinos working abroad have found ways of using this new form of technology to their advantage. A lot of overseas Filipino workers order their loved ones’ favorites online and instead of paying for expensive shipping costs, they instead ge their orders delivered straight to their families and friends’ homes. A pretty incredible improvement from what before strained many long distance relationships. Lovers living apart can stay in touch or can help remind each other of how much they love one another through random gift splurges that don’t necessarily have to cost thousands. Lazada has become a gateway for bettering relationships among many Filipinos.

Normally, online shopping is just another form of pastime online. But today, it’s taken more seriously and become an answer to many troubled errands. Since everyone is always online, why not take this opportunity to become productive at the same time? Thanks to the wonders of the internet, Filipinos can purchase last minute necessities with a click of a button and tick off a number of responsibilities without the hassle of going out of your normal route to go to the mall.

Lazada is owned by a very powerful and influential online building company primarily located at Germany called Rocket Internet. This online venture building company is also the brain behind Zalora’s success which sparked the idea of establishing the Philippines’ very own version of Lazada. As one of the most talked about consumer brand on Facebook here in the Philippines, its impact on many online buyers have become phenomenal therefore increasing the profit the company gains on an daily basis. For a company only in existence for a year, only great things can be expected of the said online shop in the years to come. Something I am personally looking forward to especially after big companies such as J.P. Morgan invested on the growth of the said company. This has been a good year for the e-commerce industry and in time this said market will dominate the Philippine market.


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