Lazada: A Different Perspective on Online Shopping Sites

computer 101Keeping up with the much needed trends today can be very brutal. But no matter how exhausting social awkwardness can get, people still make an extra effort to be part of whatever movement is most talked about. It’s part of human nature to want to be involved if ever given the choice to. Online ventures are no different. It tries to possess a whole collection of merchandises/services that people will never grow old of or if by any chance they do, its goal is to repossess something that is of the interest of its market. And just like any cliques or form of lifestyle, there will always be a group that stands out and is used as basis also known as the Trendsetters. While others are trying to be part of the game and struggling for that matter, the Trendsetters freely practice what they do best and wait until the rest follows.

If the online selling sites were to be placed in a high school setup, trendsetters would include Amazon, Ebay, Lazada, etc. These stores for one thing possess such a wide range of items that usually makes a person popular in real life. And while these top guns make it a priority to try to stay on top, other stores try to climb its way up by selling exactly what the popular sites are selling. E-commerce websites compete in a popularity race where looks just don’t cut it anymore. If there was one title that would reign supreme in this online race, it would Mr/Ms Congeniality. Because how these stores handle its customers will decipher just how effective and reliable the popular crowd can be. It’s one thing to be popular but it’s a whole other story when you can still stay approachable and genuine at the same time.

Let’s take Lazada for example when looking at things at a local perspective. Questioning its popularity can be answered by its current ranking as the Best Online Shopping Mall for 2013. And its ability to relate to others and act on it can be observed with its strings of good deals and services. Amazon however is the top contender for online selling worldwide. Some even say that Lazada highly resembles the methods and nature of Amazon. I guess you can say that Lazada has won the hearts of millions and has earned its rightful place alongside international sites. Following Zalora’s successful release, Lazada an online store with less than two years of experience has become one of the most talked about consumer brands on Facebook attracting more diverse number of consumers.

Filipinos in this setup serve as the fans but instead of cheering them on, they buy merchandises as a sign of support and admiration to the site. The local e-commerce community including both the buyers and sellers are still trying to figure out ways to use each other to one’s advantage. And slowly but surely, the local market will be able to see how better things would get if understood and carried on properly.


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