Lazada , a service-oriented online site made especially for the Filipino market


It has become one of the biggest names for the year 2013 after being named the best online shopping mall of this year by The Golden Globe Annual Awards and more and more it is becoming a household name to thousands of Filipinos nationwide.  A recognition that has been long overdue for an e-commerce site that since its first month has been providing impeccable results both in product quality and customer service. Lazada Philippines, the Philippines’ Online Shopping mall was launched February last year following the successful turnout and response Zalora received.  It has been since then untouchable in the area of ultimate shopping having products available from products with hidden cameras to New York’s bestseller books. An online store that has been established in other parts of Southeast Asia including Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia, this online gem has already made its mark in online local history.

It received grand reviews after celebrating its first anniversary in May of this year. This was also the month it made a huge impact on the popular social network, Facebook, as it was named as the most talked about consumer brand in the Philippines. Its impact the moment it was released for public use was very overwhelming that it still comes a surprise how not a lot of Filipino online enthusiasts know what they’re missing by not trying out the promos Lazada holds every week.

One of the very recent blowouts of Lazada is its Grand Sale where products are priced down up to 75% off. A clearance sale you definitely won’t forget. Mobile phones, tablets, cameras, consumer electronics and home appliances are given a whopping discount for the end of the season. Items that are normally in the market for 8,000 are being sold for a little over 4,000 only. Lazada definitely captured the hearts of many Filipinos everywhere because even online users residing outside the country can avail of their good discounts and services as long as the delivery is to be set within the Philippines. Overseas workers can do their usual shopping but instead of having to get it delivered using door to door which can be very expensive, you can get it delivered straight to their loved one’s homes for less than 100 pesos. If all else fails, the receiver can return the product within 14 days and get it refunded or exchanged. There’s no down side to buying from online stores with very well conceptualized customer services. Despite what everyone says, it has become very important to many Filipino online shoppers to decipher customer oriented sites from those that are just in it for the profit and nothing else.

There are a lot of ways to use online shopping to one’s advantage. But sometimes it requires good timing more than anything else. Filipinos will be surprised how much some avid online buyers get to save because of their persistence in looking for over the top sales. Lazada pioneered quality all-around online shopping and did so flawlessly with the help of irresistible discounted products on the racks available for purchase 24/7.



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