Lazada measures up to the general standard and exceeds all expectations


A good online website is most often than not measured by the number of people you hear raving about it. But publicity isn’t always good publicity. If you base your standards on what you mostly hear about then chances are you overlook the kinds of sites with more potential. Because let’s admit it, we want the good quality stores with good priced items all to ourselves. But I’ll tell you a secret that has been acknowledged by the majority but has not made as much buzz as how Facebook was talked about.

When someone asks you what the best online shopping mall is, what first comes to mind? Ebay? Amazon? Well, those are good answers but technically, those are not centered on the Filipino audience. Lazada puts its own spin to the concept of online shopping by creating an avenue specifically made for aspiring online sellers whether already established or just starting out here in the Philippines. Under the expert hands of online venture builder, Rocket Internet, Lazada highlighted the phrase ‘Best Online Shopping website’ in more ways than one. After being recognized by the well-respected awarding body, the Golden Globe Annual Awards, Lazada broke out of its comfort zone and entered an area Filipinos have been long deprived of. Quality online shopping at its best offered exclusively at Lazada Philippines. After Zalora’s successful fashion launch in the Philippines, Rocket Internet took hold of this opportunity that kickstarted Lazada’s growing success.

Starting from the number of products they sell, this online shopping site created an online selection never before seen in other sites. Items were priced down while the rest that were not remained reasonably priced. They have website features including a search bar with well-detailed keywords and a well-rounded site interface. The services and the promos it offers are just as good backed up by services like the 14-day Return Policy, Payment Methods, Delivery Rates, Service Centers and many more. The 14-day Return Policy is self-explanatory. Customers have up to 14 days to file for a return form and get it shipped back to the warehouse to stay eligible for a full refund or exchange. The Payment Method comes in five options namely Cash on Delivery, PayPal, MegaLink, BDO installments and credit card payments (VISA or MasterCard). The delivery rates are fixed. P55 is charged to all deliveries made within Metro Manila while other shipments outside Metro Manila are charged P99. But these rates only apply to purchases below P1000. Otherwise, deliveries are deemed free of charge. Service Centers are Lazada’s way of disseminating and acknowledging concerns nationwide. Since they perform deliveries all over the country, it has become essential that they mark locations customers can easily address their concerns to without having to fly to the website’s main office in Makati.

These are just few of the many reasons Lazada has become very popular to many online shoppers. Ideally, Filipinos wait for end of the season sales. But with Lazada’s grand sales each week, this most-awaited time of the month has become overrated.


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