Lazada’s processing of transactions gets even better

Z truckLet us go over the present methods of payments available in Lazada that hopefully more local sites will learn to embrace to further make online shopping convenient to Filipinos everywhere.

The first method of payment available to Filipinos is Cash On Delivery more popularly known as plain COD. This method is enjoyed by buyers who put a limit to the kind of information they give out. COD does not require submission of any kind of account details since the actual payment takes place during delivery. Customers hand over the payment directly to the delivery provider standing on their doorstep that can be a representative of either LBC or 2GO, both official partners of Lazada. Credit Card payments is another very popular and familiar mode of transaction, is also available as long as the card being used is under VISA or MASTERCARD. It is not uncommon for Filipinos to pay in installments. Some of them are even willing to pay for interest just to be able to divide the load of payment in equal monthly installments. Banco De Oro, one of the leading banks in the Philippines in partnership with Lazada makes paying a lot more convenient with its monthly installment promo. Payments amounting to P3000 and above can pay in installments for up to 24 months or 2 years depending on the customer’s preference. The said installments have 0% interest making it one of the favorites out of the five available modes of payments in Lazada. MegaLink is used mostly by those with debit cards and is now also available in Lazada. PayPal, one of the most recognized forms of payments worldwide has now also been embraced by the said online website to make room for more customers.

It has become an unspoken expectation by many Filipinos to find websites what very convenient methods of payments. After all, there is always the other option of driving to the mall to buy so having a very inconvenient form of processing transactions online contradict the very purpose of online selling’s existence.

All items ordered are subject to being processed for a return for whatever reason it may be. Valid reasons for return include malfunctioning, wrong description, defects and get this, changing of one’s mind. There are many more legitimate reasons for an item to eligible for either a refund or an exchange. This said list can be found on the website. As long as all necessary requirements stay intact including the return being done within 14 days from the day it was received, chances of the return request being approved is very likely. The return can be done personally or if not can be made through the services of either LBC or 2GO (official partner). Once the item is approved for return, the initial expense of getting it delivered will be refunded as well. I don’t know about you but any website willing to exchange my item for reason as shallow as changing one’s mind surely gets three thumbs up from me.


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