Lazada plays vital role in E-commerce industry as it continues to grow profoundly

Lazada plays vital roleLazada Philippines won over millions of Filipinos worldwide because of its impressive variety of products. The Philippines has finally paid more attention to the e-commerce industry.  It is a business that has been long evolving worldwide and very recently, in our area of Southeast Asia. Lazada has turned to our neighboring countries for the same amount of support like Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam. It currently holds the title as The Best Online Shopping Mall for 2013 bestowed by the honorable award-giving body, The Golden Globe Annual Awards. Following the footsteps of international e-commerce sensations like Ebay and Amazon, Rocket Internet, the brains behind Lazada and Zalora, saw an opportunity to expand in countries that for a long time have had misconceptions on the true purpose and effectiveness of online selling.

Lazada is the closest thing we have to an online shopping website with an international ranking. Setting aside all amateur websites published in different media social sites like Facebook, Tumblr, WordPress etc, we will be left with only a handful that can actually embody e-commerce in the truest sense of the word. Aside from the occasional good deals these inexperienced online shopping website owners offer, not a damn thing can put it in the same pedestal Lazada is currently at.

It’s the free delivery promo for all purchases above the minimum purchase of P100 that is definitely a favorite of many. As cheap as ‘less than a hundred’ sounds, it still adds to a certain extent a strain on one’s budget. Because no matter how little the worth is, the ideas is that you can always divert it to additional fund for buying something else you need. The modes of payments they give out also ring a bell to numerous online enthusiasts because its method, Cash on Delivery, is gaining outstanding reviews for the convenience it brings to the table. It is inevitable for a person to second guess a website’s sense of accountability. And for Filipinos who easily get swayed into thinking one think, this is a concern that should always be defined as top priority.

Its collection revolves around more than ten distinct categories that make the website a literal counterpart of a mall established on ground. Because of the well-collected selection, more people or enticed by the idea of shopping all their last minute shopping online. As the collections better, customers’ expectations heighten along with it. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing because more expectations require better product standards and customer service. These are the two factors that Lazada has been since its very first day of launch established to prioritize above everything else.

Because of the massive media attention it has been receiving, more people are discovering or finding about the secrets of many seemingly professional online shoppers. Its popularity has skyrocketed tremendously in only year. It becomes even clearer to me now just how accurate it is to call Lazada as one of the most talked about consumer brand on Facebook. A lot of Filipinos are finally joining in. Why don’t you?


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